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[Video] Adrien Broner Loses Title on Scales Against Theophane

Broner fails on the scales...again.



WASHINGTON, D.C. — For the second time in three years, Adrien Broner has lost a world title on the scales.

After coming in over the junior welteweight limit of 140 by just .4 pounds, Broner refused to lose the weight within a two-hour window. The WBA title is now forfeit with challenger Ashley Theophane, who was on target right at the 140 limit, being able to claim it with a victory Friday night. Broner will also lose $50,000 of his purse to Theophane.

In 2012, Broner came in 3.5 pounds overweight against Vincente Escobedo for a WBO  super featherweight title defense. Broner again refused any attempts to lose the weight and stopped Escobedo in the fifth round. Broner left the weight class immediately and won the WBC lightweight title in his next bout against Antonio DeMarco.

Broner vs. Theophane airs Friday night at 9 p.m. ET on Spike TV.


These developments are just one of the reasons Broner is now fighting on Friday nights. After setting up Broner with an easy fourth title in his last fight, word going around is PBC execs are very upset with The Problem’s lack of professionalism. Those murmurings hold weight given the fact PBC, who usually delivers a prompt press release with detailed weigh-in photos and quotes, has sent not nothing as of Friday morning.

Aside from bickering with co-promoter Floyd Mayweather, Broner also has an outstanding warrant in back in Cincinnati to deal with from an alleged assault and robbery. On sheer talent, Broner should still be able to handle Theophane, but the drama should be enough to tune in and see how it goes down.


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