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[Photo Gallery] Jacobs vs. Quillin: Final Press Conference Recap

Daniel Jacobs and Peter Quillin held their final press conference yesterday for Saturday's "Battle for Brooklyn."

Daniel Jacobs and Peter Quillin

Photo Credit: Esther Lin/Showtime

Daniel Jacobs and Peter Quillin held their final press conference yesterday for Saturday’s “Battle for Brooklyn.” The card also features Jesus Cuellar facing Jonathan Oquendo, and Erik Bone taking on Chris Algieri.

Daniel Jacobs
A lot of people have said this won’t go 12 rounds. But you never know how a fight will go. Sometimes a war is expected and a boxing match breaks out. You never know how a fight will go. We’re prepared for the best Peter Quillin, whether he’s coming forward, backwards or side-to-side we do what we have to do to get the victory.
I’m in a comfort zone at Barclays Center with my friends, family and fans cheering me on. But I also like that he has his people cheering too. That’s extra motivation. Technically there are people in my backyard rooting for me to lose.
Peter Quillin said he didn’t want to fight me, years ago. Because of our personal relationship he said he didn’t want to fight me. I respected his opinion but I didn’t agree. This was back when he was a champion.
I feel like I have the skill to be the best out there. When I get this victory I want to keep fighting bigger and better opposition.
I just need to keep fighting at the elite level for 12-rounds in matchups like this. I’m a fan of the sport and I want to be in there with all the top guys. That’s why I called out Peter Quillin.
I’m expecting the best Peter Quillin. When you expect the best and it doesn’t turn out that way, I can rely on that preparation.
We’ve both gone through intense training in order to make weight and be the best that we can be on fight night.
On his son Nathaniel’s birthday today “My son is one of the biggest boxing fans in the world. He understands the situation at hand. He says he doesn’t want me to come home, he just wants me to focus on the fight and celebrate after. For him to donate his birthday to me is the most incredible thing ever.
Peter Quillin
Everybody wants to be a part of something that’s bigger than themselves. Everyone on this dais gives me a reason to fight even hard.
Daniel Jacobs. I want to thank you. You’re the champ and you called out the undefeated challengers. I come from nothing, so I’m thankful to have this light and this opportunity.
My dad came here without shoes or a shirt, just a pair of pants. Now his son is fighting for a world title on this stage.
Everyone on this stage fights with their own story. I just want everyone to give respect. We all fight for different reasons and we just want to have people support us for positive reasons.
I’m glad I’ve made the decisions that I’ve made in life that have taught me to be a better man and a better person. Regardless of what the media says about me, I’m thankful for it, because it motivates me.
I fight for the people that need strength. For everyone who comes here fighting for opportunities.
This camp was different because of the heat. I was training like I was in Cuba. I’m in a great position to be successful right now.
I see a determined man in Daniel Jacobs. He’s battled with something I could never tell you about, so I give him that respect. I know what he’s coming to do Saturday night and I have to do it to him first.
My team is outstanding. We’ve been putting things together. We have a factory, which is the gym and all the workers assemble the product. I’m the product. Come Saturday night we’re going to put the product to use.
I’m fit. I’m ready to go. The training has been A-1, steak sauce. The steak is nothing with out the A-1. I’m blessed and motivated. I’m so fired to get in there.
Danny and I very cordial, but when I step into that ring I want to bring harm to him and he wants to do the same to me. So I don’t know if you can consider us friends if we want to do that to each other.
I can talk about my game plan but I just want to fight. I’m smart. I can only win one round and one minute at a time. I’m learning everything about Danny right in that moment. Every second counts.
Jesus Cuellar
This will be a great victory for Argentina. I know Oquendo is a great fighter, but I will be victorious on Saturday night.
I want to make a statement on Saturday. Everyone in the division should watch out for me, because I am coming for the top spot. I’m too motivated, too strong and too talented to be stopped.
I fight for my country, for my team and for my family. This is a great stage for me to showcase my talent against a talented fighter. I know he will be prepared but I will not be denied.
We both have very aggressive styles so this will be an action-packed fight. There will be a lot of punches thrown and eventually, I will knock him out.
Jonathan Oquendo
I’m thankful to everyone for this opportunity, especially Jesus Cuellar for putting his belt on the line.
I know how important this fight is for me. I know Cuellar has a very aggressive style and this fight is going to be a war. There will be blood in the ring.
I’m ready for a war. I know he is a tough, strong fighter, but we’ve been in there before with guys like him. We’re ready for a 12 round war.

We’re confident because we’ve put in the work to get us here. Cuellar and I have the same style, the type of style that makes for a tough, exciting fight.

This is my chance for a world title and I’m going to leave everything in the ring.
Chris Algieri
Barclays Center has become a second home for me. I’ve had some great performances there and I’m looking to have another sensational one on Saturday night.
Make sure you get tickets to this. It’s an honor to be on a card like this with so many great fights and matchups. Being able to perform in Brooklyn with these other great fighters is truly special.
Don’t miss my fight, because it’s going to be a sensational victory.
Erick Bone
Boxing is about big surprises. Everybody knows in this sport, that everyone has one opportunity. This is my opportunity on Saturday night.
I’m healthy, ready and excited to be fighting on Saturday. I’ve been in Brooklyn training for a long time now and it’s just a matter of waiting until it is my time to make my mark.

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