Floyd Mayweather Issues Statement on I.V. Controversy: “I am very proud to be a clean athlete…”

Posted: September 10, 2015 by Ismael AbduSalaam in Fight News
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Floyd Mayweather has declared his innocence regarding a report alleging he violated drug testing protocols before his superfight in May against Manny Pacquiao.

Thomas Hauser of Sports Nation alleged that Mayweather received an intravenous vitamin injection before facing Pacquiao, which is illegal per World Anti-Doping Agency guidelines. Mayweather reportedly obtained a retroactive exemption from the USADA nearly a month later.

“As already confirmed by the USADA statement, I did not commit any violations of the Nevada or USADA drug testing guidelines,” said Mayweather. “I follow and have always followed the rules of Nevada and USADA, the gold standard of drug testing.

“Let’s not forget that I was the one six years ago who insisted on elevating the level of drug testing for all my fights. As a result, there is more drug testing and awareness of its importance in the sport of boxing today than ever before.”

Mayweather faces Andre Berto on Showtime pay-per-view this Saturday (September 12) in Las Vegas.



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