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CyHi the Prynce Goes at G.O.O.D. Music Fam on Concept Track “Elephant in the Room”

More beef fuckery to follow Drake and Meek Mill?


More beef fuckery to follow Drake and Meek Mill? CyHi was dropped from his Def Jam deal today and chose to release “Elephant in the Room,” a track where he broods over his lack of a push on the Good Music imprint. Kanye and fellow labelmates Pusha T and Teyana Taylor get bars hurled their way.

Okay, my nigga Pusha shit snapped/Nah, I’m lying, that shit’s crap

Okay, Teyana got a fat ass but she won’t let anyone in the clique tap/And ain’t gonna be no new Yeezy album cause he laying in the trunk with his mouth taped and his wrist wrapped.

The ending Kanye lines give clear indication this is likely a concept track in the vein of classic Eminem, who regularly “abused” and “killed” Dr. Dre and other Aftermath fam on those early LPs. Pusha T also tweeted out the song, showing there isn’t any hard feelings.

Best publicity CyHi has gotten in a long time.

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