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[Video/Photos] Quentin Miller Shrugs Off Ghostwriting Controversy as WDNG Crshrs Party in Atlanta

Quentin Miller makes his first stage appearance since the Drake ghostwriting controversy.
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WDNG Crshrs/Photo by Ismael AbduSalaam

Photo Credits: Ismael AbduSalaam/BeatsBoxingMayhem

Being able to handle your professional business privately is something most of us take for granted. Quentin Miller, an upstart Atlanta-based emcee/songwriter, no longer has that luxury thanks to a hotheaded Philly emcee with too much Twitter time on his hands. In a matter of minutes early Tuesday morning, Miller’s name was plastered all over blogs and news outlets as the ghostwriter behind Drake recent smash album If You’re Reading This Its Too Late. In the 48 hours since, speculation has continued to run rampant. Is Miller really on retainer with OVO for $5k a month? Is the leaked “10 Bandz” reference track Miller completed just one of many he did for Drake? With these questions lingering in the air, Miller took the stage last night not as a solo artist having his coming out party, but as one-half of the duo known as the WDNG Crshrs with thecoolismac.

With the Department Store venue being packed and multiple professional cameras present, it was apparent that media word had spread of the free performance since Meek’s rant. Rather than revel in the newfound attention, Miller made it a point to acknowledge his group’s core fans.

“It’s been an interesting day,” Miller said. “This is for the fans that were rocking with me when I had less than a 1000 followers. And all the day one WDNG Crshrs fans.”

The group’s production has range, going from deep 808 sounds to airy, sampled instrumentation. They adjust their voices accordingly, showing good chemistry whether they’re trying to slide women out of their panties on “Scented Candles,” championing their multi-tasking skills on the bebop jazz feel of “Combination,” or being completely outlandish and sophomoric on the likes of  “Serve” and “LLEETTSSS.”

A listen to the chorus of a track like “HUF” gives a WDNG Crshrs novice an idea of why Miller’s inflections and flow would prove invaluable on a project like IYRTITL.

Unfortunately for Miller, the foreseeable future will be filled with questions about his writing for other artists over the merits of his own art. Luckily for him, the strides he’s made thus far shows he and his WDNG Crshrs fam have the talent to weather the media storm.

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