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[Video] DJ Premier’s Bars In the Booth #8 – Ras Kass

Session #8 of Primo's "Bars In the Booth" series finds Ras Kass ripping a beat that's made to order for the West Coast vet...


Session #8 of Primo’s “Bars In the Booth” series finds Ras Kass ripping a beat that’s made to order.


  1. Haha random I was thinking about Ras Kass yesterday, about how dope it would be if he ‘Fire in the booth’ with Charlie Sloth…

    This is dope though, Razzy has been doing it for so long now… Hes done well to keep delivering and staying relevant…

      1. I’ll have to check that out good looking out… Ive always supported Razzy…

        I remember years back when he was locked up, AHH gave out his prison address so people could write, I thought fck it, he’s one of my favorite MC’s and I was bored at work so what the hell… To my surprise he wrote back!!! haha We chopped it up over a few letters…

        Then this blew my mind, I think he shouted me out on the ‘Thank You’, he said ‘Everybody who wrote both times locked up
        Sam from the U.K…..’ There cant be many Sam’s from the U.K that wrote haha

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