Waka Flocka Freestyles Over Classic ATCQ, Wu, Nas x Mobb Deep…with Good Results!

Yes, stop laughing. Yes, stop laughing.


Yes, stop laughing. Yes, stop laughing. After making his bones as an heir apparent to Lil Jon, Waka Flocka is doing what any good artist does, and that’s reinventing himself. The big question is how this will be received. Will his core fans balk at his more lyrical sound? Will the purists dismiss it as a gimmick? Can he balance both sounds to prevent being pigeonholed? The last point is likely the answer considering Flocka ends this piece with a traditional trap offering. Personally, I hope he keeps it up. A few key guest spots and he opens himself to a whole new audience.

Also check out his I Can’t Rap Vol. 1 mixtape from a few months back.

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