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[Video] Provodnikov vs. Castillo – Weigh-In Results x Prediction

Most of us celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday, but Ruslan Provodnikov gets his feast today...


MOSCOW, RUSSIA — Ruslan Provodnikov and Jose Luis Castillo completed their weigh-ins yesterday for today’s welterweight matchup. Provodnikov tipped the scales at 146.6 while Castillo came in at 146.2. Actor Mickey Rourke (6-0, 4 KOs) is also going through with his plan to resurrect his boxing career by facing Elliot Seymour (1-9). This will be the 62-year old Rourke’s first bout in 20 years.


PREDICTION: Most of us celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday, but Ruslan Provodnikov gets his feast today. Castillo hasn’t beaten a top-ranked fighter in seven years, going back to his tough victory over Herman Ngoudjo back in ’07. The 40-year old is well past his career expiration date. Provodnikov’s team claims they offered Mauricio Herrera and Zab Judah the fight and Castillo was the only one willing to come over to Russia. Those two of course deny this. Whatever the circumstances, if this fight goes the distance, it should count as a loss for Provodnikov. PROVODNIKOV TKO4.

Rourke Weigh-In starts at 29:15 mark

Provodniko-Castillo Weigh-In starts at 32:00 mark

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