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[Photo] Laila Ali Responds to Rumors of Father Being ‘Gravely Ill’

Laila Ali updates fans on father's condition.


Muhammad Ali’s daughter Laili has refuted claims that her father’s battle with Parkinson’s Disease has worsened, stating the former heavyweight champion’s medical status remains stable. 

Stories began circulating over the weekend after Muhammad Ali’s younger brother Rahman told The Sunday People that the former heavyweight champion “can barely speak.” Ali has only made sporadic appearances since attending the 2012 London Olympic games, where many were shocked by his frail condition.

Laila Ali posted the above picture to her Facebook this morning thanking fans for their concern and support. Last year, Rahman Ali caused a similar media uproar when he claimed that his brother was just days away from death, prompting strong condemnations from family members.

At press time, a new documentary about Muhammad Ali entitled I Am Ali is now in theaters.

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