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Glove Update: Maidana To Wear Preferred Everlast Gloves Against Mayweather

The latest update on the glove controversy between Marcos Maidana and Floyd Maidana.


***LATEST UPDATE, 12:15 P.M.****

As of 12:06 p.m. ET, tonight’s pay-per-view is no longer in jeopardy as the camps of Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidaan have come to a resolution regarding Maidana’s preferred Everlast MX gloves.

According to Yahoo Sports’ Kevin Iole, Al Haymon (advisor for both Mayweather and Maidana) sent word through Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer that Maidana will be allowed to wear the red, commission-approved Everlast MX gloves. Mayweather will retain a customized color variation of his usual Grant gloves.

Last night, Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe balked at Maidana’s customized blue and white Everlast MX gloves, claiming that the padding distribution around the knuckle area was not sufficient. The commission sided with Team Mayweather, and Maidana’s camp obtained a standard red-color edition of Everlast MX that were approved. However, Mayweather and Ellerbe insisted that Maidana not be allowed to wear the Everlast MX gloves under threat of fight cancellation.

Per Yahoo Sports’ Kevin Iole, Team Maidana held their ground and refused to use another glove. Maidana trainer Robert Garcia confirmed that Maidana has used the Everlast gloves over their last four fights together.

The last Mayweather opponent to use EverlastĀ MX gloves was Miguel Cotto, in 2012 who succeeded in inflicting enough damage to give Mayweather a bloody nose and mouth.


Out here in Vegas, this situation is of course getting a lot of attention. amongst us writers However, I’ve yet to talk to anyone who seriously believes this fight is not happening. There is literally well over $100 million at stake tonight when you factor in tickets, pay-per–view buys, parties, fight purses etc. Whatever you think about Mayweather, you know he’s about the money first and foremost, so the idea that he’ll walk away from his flat $30 million-plus guarantee is highly unlikely. Not to mention, the contract reportedly stipulates each man can wear their own commission-approved gloves, meaning Mayweather backing out is a breach of contract. That would move would giveĀ Maidana legal recourse to sue. And finally, let’s not underestimate the massive public backlash among fans who’ve spent their hard-earned money coming out there.

If I’m Maidana, I stand my ground and wait for Mayweather to blink in this game of “glove-chicken”… Unless Floyd is trying to amend that contract and offer another million or two for different gloves.

Let’s hear it. Is this last-minute gamesmanship from Mayweather, or planned fake controversy on both sides to drive last-minute pay-per-view sales?

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