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Vera Determined to “Bring the Fight” in Chavez Jr. Rematch

"The first fight against Chavez was a good fight for me. I threw more punches and landed more punches. Those facts are not subjective. It is what it is..."


It’s fair to say to even two weeks out from his anticipated rematch with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., Bryan Vera hasn’t exactly put their first bout behind him. Below, he reflects on the initial encounter and details what fans can expect from him in the March 1 rematch at the Alamodome.

The first fight against Chavez was a good fight for me. I threw more punches and landed more punches. Those facts are not subjective. It is what it is.

I know I won the fight.  I controlled the ring and backed Chavez up the entire fight. The public was very positive towards me and they are the reason I got this rematch with Chavez.  I have gained a lot of fans since the first fight. The public knew I won the fight and that’s very important to me.

As far as the rematch, what people can expect is a determined Bryan Vera. I was good the last fight but this fight I have to be better.  I will be in great shape.  I will bring the fight to Chavez.  I will give the fans a great and exciting fight.  I have put a lot of work into this opportunity and I will take advantage of the situation.  I’m ready!!! Know that I am coming to fight but more than that KNOW that I am coming to WIN!


While you can’t blame Vera for believing he needs to be dominant in every round to get a decision, he’s also forgetting the main reason Chavez was able to steal that bout from him — defense. There were a handful of “swing rounds” where Vera outworked Junior only to inexpicably stop moving his head and allow Chavez Jr. to tee off with flashy head shots. Not surprisingly, this caught the eye of the jduges over Vera’s more consistent work (Note: The unanimous decision scores for Chavez were 98-92, 97-93 and 96-94, meaning that Junior pretty much got the benefit of the doubt in most of the close rounds).

Vera doesn’t need to try to turn into Pernell Whitaker or bust out a clumsy shoulder roll, but he can’t be so focused on offense that he neglects basic defensive fundamentals. This would give Chavez Jr. an out to steal rounds in the final 30-60 seconds.


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