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Brandon Rios Fails Pacquiao Post-fight Drug Test

Pacquiao_Rios weighin_131123_007a

VADA ( Voluntary Anti Doping Association) and Top Rank CEO Bob Arum have confirmed that Brandon Rios failed his post-fight urine test after losing a 12-round decision to Manny Pacquiao, testing positive for the banned stimulant dimenthylamylamine (DMAA).

Rios, who had never failed a drug test previously, had undergone tests leading up to the contest at the request of Manny Pacquiao, who also subjected himself to the same random tests. Pacquiao reportedly passed five test and the mandatory post-fight urine test.

“There was a little something in his urine after the fight,’’ Arum told THE RING. “It was something they (VADA) reported to the Chinese commission after the fight. He passed all the tests before that. It wasn’t a steroid. It was probably something he took to make weight.’’

Dimenthylamylamine was banned due to Food and Drug Administration classifying it as a “dangerous substance” after the deaths of several users who used it in addition to other dietary supplements. Alex Ariza, who previously served as Pacquiao’s strength and conditioning coach, worked with Rios for last month’s bout.

At press time, Rios has not commented on the failed test.


  1. No suprising when Alex Ariza is in his camp haha

    He probably took that Jack3D or something similar, alot of people take it before a work out to get a pump and kick up the ass…

    1. Not surprised, either. Rios is claiming that he paid close attention to everything that went into his body during camp but obviously not close enough. And it sure didn’t seem to help on fight night. lol

      1. Definitely not, if that drink didn’t give him a kick up the ass and make him through punches I hate to see what he would of been like without the drink lol I hope his camp give Ariza the boot from the camp to now…

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