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Casual – “He Still Think He #RapGod” (Eminem Response)


When Eminem dropped “Rap God” out of nowhere a few weeks back, a lot of people went on record with claims that Eminem was “back.” One thing that wasn’t addressed was the “Rap God” moniker itself, which was coined by Hieroglyphics crew member and Bay Area veteran Casual with his 2011 album He Think He #RapGod. Was Em inspired by this project, or is this just coincidence? For Casual it makes little difference as he crafts his own declaration of divinity over Em’s six-minute instrumental.

Casual is already on record as stating this isn’t a “beef” record. However, he came up in the battle tradition and takes a few direct shots at Em. One notable line has Casual charging that Em’s rhymes have been subpar since “Nick took Mariah.”

Before digging in, Casual explains the response/answer record in his own words:

There are many Rapgods but I am #Rapgod, The Divine Manifestation, The Supreme Incarnation Of Lyrical Divinity. #Rapgod in the flesh. A True And Living #Rapgod. It’s about receiving your deification and your veneration before your expiration. The Council Of The Rapgods was informed that Eminem was self-declared to be amongst the ranks of the Rapgods, rightfully so might I add…except Casual is The True And Living #Rapgod, afterwhich it has been canonized by The Highest Hierarchy Of Angels, by The Neteru, by The Highest Hip Hop Dignitaries and Rap Seminarians, that others shall go the entire professional duration and not be adorned with this Holy Epithet.

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  1. I hope Casual is the only rapper to jump on this beat, really don’t wanna see another ‘ a milli a milli a milli a milli’ occur… He killed it though tbf, haven’t heard from Hiero in ages…

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