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[Photos] Mayweather Dismantles Canelo, Garcia Takes Apart Matthysse

LAS VEGAS -- Easy work. The phrase has become synonymous with recent Floyd Mayweather opponents. Last night in the main event of "The One" pay-per-view, Canelo Alvarez was completely dominated in every facet of pugilism in dropping a majority decision (in name only) to Mayweather...

004 Mayweather vv Canelo IMG_9669

Photo Credits: Tom Casino/Showtime

LAS VEGAS — Easy work. The phrase has become synonymous with recent Floyd Mayweather opponents. Last night in the main event of “The One” pay-per-view, Canelo Alvarez was completely dominated in every facet of pugilism in dropping a majority decision (in name only) to Mayweather.

Canelo, whose well-documented stamina issues were viewed to be his Achilles Heel, tried to conserve himself in the early rounds by working conservatively behind the jab and attempting to dig straight rights to the body. Mayweather quickly nullified this strategy by shooting counter left hooks and right hands.

Starting in the fourth, Mayweather came in the pocket utilizing the shoulder roll, daring Canelo to throw his traemark right hand. When the Mexican superstar obliged, Mayweather upper body movement had the shots grazing harmlessly off his shoulders, arms and gloves. With perfect timing and accuracy, Mayweather came back with right hand. Canelo’s frustration was readily apparent by the middle rounds, and he was warned by referee Kenny Bayless about throwing fouls.

001 Mayweather vs Canelo IMG_9528

Mayweather had his most dominant round in the seventh when Canelo went to the ropes in a vain attempt to bait him. The result was numerous left jab-straight right combinations and left hooks; Canelo’s counter attempts were always a step behind.

003 Mayweather vs Canelo IMG_9198

The late rounds followed the same pattern with Canelo being completely lost on offense. In one humiliating sequence, a Canelo hook missed badly and hit the ropes, to which Mayweather paused and incredulously looked at the vibrating area.

The final scores seemed a foregone conclusion; some observers ringside (this writer included), had the fight a shutout win on the scorecards. However, veteran judge CJ Ross had the bout a draw (114-114). Her verdict was overruled by Craig Metcalfe (117-111) and Dave Moretti (116-112), giving Mayweather a majority decision victory.

009 Garcia vs Matthysse IMG_8137

The co-main event saw the emergence of Danny Garcia as the unchallenged king of the junior welterweights with an impressive unanimous decision win over Lucas Matthysse.

The first six rounds were highly intense with each man landing their fair share of powerful left hooks and right hands. Matthysse held a slight edge because of his aggression and ability to trap Garcia on the ropes and work the body.

The tide would shift tremendously in the seventh when Matthysse’s right eye began to swell badly from Garcia’s left hooks. Unable to see Garcia’s best weapon coming, Matthysse became more reckless in his attacks, thus allowing Garcia more openings to counter. It would be a left hook counter to the body that cause Matthysse to suffer the first knockdown of his career in the 11th. The two men would trade big power shots in the last 30 seconds of the 12th to wild approval from the fans, despite Garcia losing a point in the same round for a low blow.

The scorecards were unanimous for Garcia with scores of 115-111, and 114-112 twice.

Check back later today for a complete “The One” fight weekend from Las Vegas, recapping all the news and rumors from the biggest boxing event of the year.

1 comment

  1. Impressive win by Garcia, he showed some great boxing skills, I thought both fighters showed good chins to as they both took some heavy shots… Danny also showed class after the fight when he called over a translator and gave props to Matthysse…

    For Me Canelo didnt do what he needed to do, for the first part of the fight he tried to box Floyd, I thought he was gonna try get his head on Floyds chest and really bring it to him, thats the only way IMO that I see fighters are gonna be able to have any real success against Floyd… I couldnt believe Floyd, who is the smaller fighter, was putting Canelo on the back foot, in the end I though Floyd was gonna stop Canelo, he was really braking him down… I know its easier said than done, especially against a master tactician, but I just feel abit underwhelmed as I was hoping Canelo would really asked some questions of Floyd…

    Was a great fight though and I’ll be the first to admit I have criticised Floyd in the past about avoiding or hand picking fighters, but he took (maybe showtime made him) this fight and really dealt with Canelo…

    I heard Khan has called out Floyd now, and its looking like getting made, Khan will get destroyed smh

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