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[Video] Teddy Atlas Rant on CJ Ross’ Mayweather-Canelo Scoring

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Floyd Mayweather’s virtuoso boxing display this past Saturday was slightly mired by the pathetic scoring of veteran judge CJ Ross, who had the fight a draw (114-114). There is no excuse for that score and Teddy Atlas was in rare form right after the bout. In case you missed it, here is Atlas’s full rant on Ross and the sport. Did Teddy go too far or not far enough?


  1. haha teddy does give a schitt was he says, this cj ross reminds me off eugenia williams, the woman who was at the centre of the storm in the holyfield fight, i think she had to change her name to, was it to cj ross!?!

    1. Crazy thing is Eugenia Williams was still scoring fights as late as last year. Sure, she never got another big title gig again, but it still sends a bad message. I truly hope this is the last time we see CJ Ross scoring fights, period. From what I’m hearing, this “leave of absence” she decided to take is permanent and she won’t have her license renewed.

      1. didnt eugenia williams have to change her name? thought i heard that back in day, i might be imagining it though lol with cj ross, i hope shes made enough money from taking them brown envelopes, because the sport needs to get rid of her, shes a joke… saying that, would she be able to give a dodgy score again if she did return? because everyone would be dissecting and analysing her score card, from fans, pundits to officials…

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