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Kelly Rowland – “Dirty Laundry”

It's not easy being #2...


It’s not easy being #2. That’s the first impression I got listening to Kelly Rowland’s new single that’s one part therapy session, another part on the trap of domestic violence, and handling irrational jealously to a childhood friend (Beyonce). All groups have tension, but very rarely, if ever, in Hip-Hop and R&B do you hear an artist blatantly air out their own insecurities and faults in the situation via song form.

Rowland does just, and by juxtaposing it with the problems in her love life, you get a very dark image of woman in complete emotional, spiritual and professional freefall. This will definitely get her new project a lot of attention. Now if it’s the type of attention she truly wants remains to be seen.

This song, produced and written by The Dream, will be on Rowland’s forthcoming album Talk A Good Game

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