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[VIDEO] Iowa Boxer Suspended for Worst Dive in Recent Memory

Just watch SMH


A lot of nonsense goes on in the Midwest when it comes to boxing commissions. It’s where most fighters go to pad their stats with hapless opponents in hopes to create a glossy enough record to earn a TV date.

Former NFL player Ray Edwards is one such hopeful, but in this case his thunder was stolen by Iowa’s Nick Capes (0-3), whose acting would be lock for a Razzie Award if they gave them out in sports. Right at the opening bell, he reacts to a missed uppercut from Edwards as if a prime Mike Tyson hit him flush. The crowd immediately groaned at the pathetic display.

According to the event’s promoter┬áCory Rapacz, Capes was a last-second replacement and got spooked by the sheer size of Edwards, who played for the Atlanta Falcons as defensive end until 2011.

“I feel terrible for him,” Rapacz told local news station WDAY-TV. “(He) got scared and looked for a way out.”

The North Dakota boxing commission has levied a suspension and currently investigating the matter. Let’s hope the suspension is just a formality and Capes uses this embarrassing spectacle as his swan song to boxing

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