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[Video] Salido vs. Garcia, Golovkin vs. Rosado: Final Press Conference News & Notes

EW YORK CITY, NY -- This afternoon, the main participants of the first HBO card of 2013, January 19's "Boxing After Dark" card, made their ending statements to the media with the final press conference to hype this card. As expected, the fighters are at their wits end and were short of commentary. Nonetheless, there was still a lot of interesting news that came out of today's media event

Salido, Garcia, Golovkin, Rosado

NEW YORK CITY, NY — This afternoon, the main participants of the first HBO card of 2013, January 19’s “Boxing After Dark,” made their ending statements to the media with their final press conference. As expected, the fighters are at their wits end and were short of commentary. Nonetheless, there was still a lot of interesting news that came out of today’s media event. In the word’s of the late Stringer Bell, “well get on with it…”

BOB ARUM STILL HATES GOLDEN BOY AND SHOWTIME GETS SOME SHOTS TOO: The Bobfather decided to kick off the press conference with what else but a shot at Golden Boy. He said that the combined ages of all the fighters on the card (keep in mind the entire card is 10 fights) is still less than the age of Bernard Hopkins. You have to admit that one was pretty damn funny. He also name-checked Shane Mosley as a washed-up fighter still living off his name, an obvious allusion to the upcoming Golden Boy card at Barclays that will feature Shane taking on Paulie Malignaggi. Gabriel Rosado’s manager, Russell Peltz, told a captivating story of how a Showtime exec rejected a proposed fighter because his record was an unglamorous 13-5. He made an excellent point in emphasizing the obsession with hollow undefeated records needs to stop and cited Rosado as a clear example of a fighter that’s better than his record would indicate. Obvious Arum hypocrisy aside (Mosley was good enough for Pacquiao less than 2 years ago), the wily Top Rank founder has reason to be cocky. This card promises to be action-packed. Which leads me to my next point…

CAN THE FANS GET SOME LOVE: This card isn’t getting the mainstream attention it deserves and it’s partly due to the fact there isn’t any big names involved. But the other head-scratching aspect has to do with the promotional end. The biggest blunder is that the weigh-in tomorrow will not be open to the public. Arum seemed surprised when informed by the MSG brass, prompting him to chalk it up to the regulations of New York. Well, anybody who’s attended a big Las Vegas fight knows how important the weigh-in is to hyping and building the anticipation for fight night. Considering the strong nationalistic fans of Puerto Rico and Mexico, Saturday’s card could have received a nice boost via a raucous weigh-in crowd. That’s needs to change for Top Rank’s next MSG appearance.

ROSADO’S CAMP SAYING ALL THE RIGHT THINGS: Between Peltz’s speech and that of Rosado trainer Billy Briscoe, you left the press conference giving Rosado just a little more of a chance to pull the upset. The odds are still highly stacked against him, but mentally he’s taken himself to a zone completely focused on defeating Gennday Golovkin. For the past week, Rosado had ceased all interviews and the rumor mill is that he’s bet his entire purse on a victory. Now that’s confidence (or insanity).


GOLOVKIN THE MEDIA DARLING:  Everyone loves Gennady! That was pretty much the sentiment today. From writers scrambling for pictures with him to getting additional photo-ops with his arms filled with Tecate girls, Golovkin’s care-free attitude never wavered. He actually sat with the media for a bit before getting on stage where I could hear his advisers coaching him on English translations and what to cover. I also found out that English is the fourth language Golovkin is learning. It was nice to see him show up in a Rangers jersey, but it’d really warm my heart to see him in the Knicks orange and blue on fight night. It’s only right for MSG.

MARTINEZ VS. BURGOS MIGHT STEAL THE SHOW: Yes, I’ll admit I’ve been overlooking this fight myself. A Mexican against a Puerto Rican is always good money, and it never hurts when you have two guys with good power and huge hearts. And in Juan Carlos Burgos’s case, he has a little more incentive in the form of relative Jose Victor Burgos, who had his career ended in 2007 after suffering brain swelling following a 12th round TKO at the hands of Vic Darchinyan. Burgos won the IBF flyweight title 10 years ago against Puerto Rico’s Alex Sanchez. According to Juan, Victor told him to remember it’s in his family tradition to take titles off Puerto Rican champions, so you best believe there will be no give in him until he has nothing left.

EXPECT NO MERCY FROM SALIDO: Now this comes as no surprise. WBO featherweight champ Orlando Salido wore a deadpan expression the entire press conference and with his black scully looked the part of a goon ready to put in work. In our interview that will be posted tomorrow, it’s clear that while he respects his opponent Mikey Garcia, he’s not convinced his young challenger has the durability nor the will to survive a fire fight. We saw what happened to Juan Manuel Lopez, twice at that, when forced to brawl with the merciless Salido. Garcia may just prove Salido wrong, but he’ll undoubtedly walk through hell to do it.

Be sure to check back here tomorrow for coverage of the afternoon weigh-in and predictions on the tripleheader.





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