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Bryant Jennings Says Deontay Wilder Is “Beneath Him,” Claims He Was Avoided

"I have no interest in going near Deontay Wilder – he’s actually beneath me..."


Count Bryant Jennings as one man who was not impressed with Deontay Wilder’s one-punch knockout of Kelvin Price last Saturday on Showtime. In fact, Jennings is calling Wilder’s bluff, claiming that a previous offer for both to square off was turned down by the Wilder camp.

In an interview with, Jennings responded in detail to Wilder’s call for them to fight next in early 2013.

“It’s about who has the best title and benefits my career progression,” said Jennings. “I have no interest in going near Deontay Wilder – he’s actually beneath me. He actually needs me and I don’t need him. I don’t even look forward to that fight. I’m focused on my goal of being the heavyweight champion of the world.”

Both Jennings and Wilder remain undefeated and are currently the two most visible and active American heavyweights.  According to Jennings, his dismissal of a potential matchup is due to Wilder previously turning down an offer.

“We sent him a contract before and he denied it first, and I don’t go back around twice. He had his chance before and didn’t want it,” explained Jennings. “He went to camp with Klitschko  and got a little courage. So now all of a sudden he’s believing himself. Nobody’s speaking for him, he’s speaking for himself and he doesn’t speak well. He’s talks a lot of bullshit. He’s kind of a little bit too cocky right now and he hasn’t done enough.”

Wilder fights under Golden Boy Promotions while Jennings is signed to Main Events.


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With Seth Mitchell trying to rebuild, Bryant Jennings and Deontay Wilder have stepped to the forefront as our best heavyweight prospects. I have no doubt that Wilder turned down a previous Jennings offer — even now Wilder is still very raw while from a technical standpoint, Jennings is much further along. However, that is no excuse for these two not to fight in early 2013.

Neither man has a host of Top 10 heavyweight scalps on their resumes. So the argument that Jennings gave regarding Wilder being “beneath him,” at least from a visibility standpoint, is full of hyperbole. Jennings may have a point when it comes to in-ring capability, so why not prove it? A win for either guy is a prominent one and would do a lot for their careers.

What are your thoughts? Would you like to see this fight in 2013?

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