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[VIDEO] Just Blaze Debuts “Human Nature” and “Running Man” Sampling Beats at Atlanta’s A3C Festival

Just Blaze drops a few beats in the stash at Atlanta's A3C Festival.

Just Blaze was one of the esteemed producers  on hand last Saturday in Atlanta for the A3C Festival’s final day. The panel included the likes of Apollo Brown, Needlz, S1, The Olympicks, !llmind and Focus playing an assortment of beats from their vaults. Just Blaze, who I still vividly remember playing the still unreleased “Exhibit B” at a closed Red Bull interview session a few years back, was kind enough to drop two forthcoming tracks from his catalogue.

Just said he doesn’t believe anyone has sampled the portion of “Human Nature” he used and I think he’s right. He didn’t mention who the beat will be going to, but I know I’d love to hear Jay-Z take a stab at it.

My apologies for my sound not being the absolute best, but you’ll get the gist of both tracks. Also, there’s a bonus Nintendo-inspired beat at the end.

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