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[VIDEO] Right Hand Deja Vu: Wladimir Klitschko KOs Thompson in Rematch

Recap of Wladimir's TKO rematch win over Tony Thompson.

Berne, Switzerland — The passage of four years wasn’t enough to reverse Tony Thompson’s fortunes as Wladimir Klitschko improved on his 2008 11th round TKO win with a sixth round stoppage earlier today at the Stade de Suisse stadium.

Much like their first encounter, the champion struggled to find a consistent offense against Thompson’s tall southpaw stance. Klitschko altered his normally powerful jab to a pawing range-finder and landed sporadic hard right hands in the first and second rounds. Thompson offense was even worse; the American challenger couldn’t counter the longer Klitschko and found himself back-pedaling, holding and falling short with most of his punches in the early rounds.

Thompson’s would have fleeting success in the third when he caught Klitschko with a counter right hook. The punch briefly made the champion hesitant with implementing trainer Emanuel Steward’s instructions to step inside with his punches.

Following an ugly, clinch-filled fourth round, Klitschko broke open the bout in the closing minute of the fifth with an accurate left jab-right cross that floored Thompson in a corner. The challenger barely beat the count and held to make the bell.

Klitschko remained patient in the sixth but never stopped pressing the action. He caught Thompson with a driving right cross against the ropes followed by clubbing hooks inside for another corner knockdown.

Thompson rose on shaky legs and held onto the ropes for balance, prompting the referee to call off the bout.

The win is Klitschko’s 12th consecutive title defense going back to 2006.


Another heavyweight fight, another dominant victory for one of the Klitschkos. Aside from a small story about Wladimir coming in at a career-high weight and Thompson at a career low, there was never much doubt about this one. It wasn’t pretty, but Wladimir fought exactly how he should have against a tall southpaw. Seth Mitchell is still at least a year away from facing Wladimir, and Tyson Fury’s team made it clear today their man won’t be getting in there with either brother any time soon. So what that likely leaves is Chris Arrerola for either late this year or early next. Wladimir is the favorite should that happen, but that one has the chance to be the most exciting fight the champion has had in years.

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  1. another rubbish fight klitschko fight

    tyson fury fight was a joke, hes a coward, he surrendered his belts rather then fight david price… he only fights guys half his hight, he will get destroyed by klitschko…

    price is the only heavyweight im excited over as a genuine contender that will dominate, and has an exciting style…

    yo wheres the kell brook news? no love for special k? lol he had a great fight against carson jones

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