Johnny Tapia: 1967-2012 [VIDEO]

Posted: May 28, 2012 by Ismael AbduSalaam in Fight News
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By now, everyone has heard the unfortunate but unsurprising news of Johnny Tapia being found dead in his Albuquerque home. While details are still coming, Tapia’s history of struggles with drug addiction puts that high of the list as the likely reason for his passing at only 45 years old. Thankfully, Tapia’s life will be remembered most for all the titles and thrilling bouts he gave fans inside the ring. A full writeup is forthcoming, but for now let’s solemnly reflect on Tapia’s boxing accomplishments via the below tribute clip.

  1. waterurseeds says:

    was gutted when i heard this this morning!

    i only read an article and interview on him in boxing news or boxing monthly must of been less than a year ago, he seemed to be doing really well

    real sad to hear… they been saying for years about doing a movie of him, he had one crazy fckd up life…

    rip starrrr

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