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Jermain Taylor Cleared of Rape Allegation

Former middleweight champion Jermain Taylor has been cleared of any possible rape prosecution after an Arkansas woman recanted her claim made last weekend.

Former middleweight champion Jermain Taylor has been cleared of any possible rape prosecution after an Arkansas woman recanted her claim made last weekend.

The decision came following a full police investigation where Taylor was questioned. Although no active investigation is ongoing, authorities confirmed to the Arkansas News Bureau that they are awaiting the results of a rape kit, toxicology tests and analysis of scene evidence.

The still unidentified, 27-year-old woman was arrested last Friday at a Maumelle hotel after police were called due to a domestic disturbance with Taylor. According to the police report, the woman claimed she traveled weekly from Mississippi to Arkansas to meet Taylor for sexual services. The woman fled the room following an argument with Taylor and hurt her ankle falling down a flight of stairs. Police arrested her for possession of unlabeled prescription painkillers. Taylor left the scene before police arrived.

The woman then made the rape allegation while being treated at a local hospital.

At press time, the woman is likely to not face any additional charges for the recanted rape allegation.


Jermain Taylor dodged a bullet with this one. If there’s any silver lining, it’s that this embarrassing incident happened while Taylor is away from the spotlight and on a quiet comeback. Had this happened when he was the reigning middleweight champ, it would have generated a lot more headlines. And considering that boxing, and many sports for that matter, are littered with celebrated people guilty for a lot more nefarious crimes, this will pass from memory in a few months.

Loyal reader Water Ur Seeds made a good point in the original article that the woman should face some type of charge for making such a serious false allegation. I’m not sure how the law works in Arkansas, but to accuse someone of one of the worst crimes imaginable and then get off after recanting just seems wrong

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  1. Glad Hes been cleared, sports stars and entertainers need to learn from each others mistakes, they are always getting accused of this kinda stuff… Hope She gets dealt with strongly by the authorities!

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