HBO Boxing: Khan vs. Peterson I – Flashback [VIDEO]

Posted: May 9, 2012 by Ismael AbduSalaam in Fight News
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What was originally a video made by HBO to hype May 19’s Khan-Peterson rematch has now taken onĀ a sinister edge in the wake of Lamont Peterson’s steroid bust.Ā As of press time, the rematch hasn’t been officially called off, but the odds aren’t looking good. Peterson admittedĀ toĀ using testoreoneĀ pellets before the first bout and then maintains he “forgot” about them after first testing positive back in April. Much like what happened with Antonio Margarito’sĀ signature 2009 win over Miguel Cotto, Peterson’s victory over Khan is now has a huge question mark stain over that will never come out. Was it the drugs that helped Peterson walk through Khan’s shots and keep up a rigorous attack to the body for most of the 12 round battle? How many other fights has Peterson used what his team is claiming was “medically justified” testoreone pellets?

This entire sitution will get much uglier. The sad point remains that one of the best fights of 2011, along with one of its participants, is likely forever tarnished over a foolish decision.


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