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Khan’s Team Hopes To Salvage Rematch Despite Peterson’s Failed Drug Test

"We want to do everything possible to ensure the fight's on."

Amr Khan’s team has promised to do “everything possible” to salvage an anticipated May 19 rematch with Lamont Peterson despite the latter’s failed drug test.

Last night, the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) confirmed that Peterson’s urine sample from March 19 tested positive for a synthetic testosterone. The voluntary testing was originally requested by Peterson’s team during the rematch negotiations. At press time, Peterson is challenging the test result.

“Obviously last night it was a shock when I received the call to say Lamont had failed a drug test,” Khan business manager Asif Vali told Sky Sports News. “However, the Peterson team seem to think that something’s gone wrong during the very first VADA drug test which Lamont took in March. Their explanation is that it’s something he took earlier on in the year – before the last fight.”

“The fight’s on. Obviously the Nevada commission will come back to us with their findings. They’ll look at things quite in-depth before they make a final decision. That decision’s due to come to us by the end of play on Tuesday.”

Khan campaigned heavily for a rematch with Peterson after losing his WBA title on a close split decision last December. Khan protested that Peterson received preferred treatment  referee Joe Cooper, who docked Khan two points for shoving,  and a sanctioning body official seen talking with the ringside judges between rounds. The fight took place in Peterson’s hometown of Washington, DC.

The discrepancies lead to the WBA ordering an immediate rematch, one that a press time remains in serious jeopardy despite hopes from both sides to keep the May 19 date.

“We’re 10 days away from the fight. We don’t want to make any assumptions in any way, shape or form,” confirmed Vali. “The fight is still on at the moment. I know the fans will be disappointed. People waking up will be in shock. People have made plans to go there. We want to do everything possible to ensure the fight’s on.”

More details on Peterson’s test and a final verdict on the May 19 date are expected late Tuesday (May 8) from the Nevada Athletic Commission.

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  1. what a shame, been following this all day, but like khan aint on some form of ‘illgal’ substance, daum near every fighter onit… if peterson does still fight (which i hope he does and wins) it would make me wonder why they even have drugs testing, they might aswel say take what you want and get on with it… heard that carson jones might step in for peterson…

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