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Cotto Denies Protest Rumors Over Mayweather Loss

"I have accepted each of my losses..."

Migue Cotto has released his first statements to the media refuting rumors that he planned to file a protest over his unanimous decision loss to Floyd Mayweather last Saturday (May 5).

Cotto arrived in Puerto Rico yesterday having to answer questions about his team members who claimed he was unhappy with the decision verdict. The speculation had begun immediately after the contest when Cotto abruptly left the ring without a post-fight interview and skipped the press conference.

“I’m not protesting the decision of the judges. And never have been,” explained Cotto in a statement to The New Day. “I have accepted each of my losses. My whole career, with and without excuse, I assumed my role as a winner or loser. Without complaint, much less without protest. What is published and the expressions given in recent days was the opinion of my team, not mine.”

Cotto’s effort has been widely praised by fans and critics as one of Mayweather most exciting fights. Mayweather himself credited Cotto as the “toughest” opponent he’s ever faced.

“Now I will rest and take some time for me and my family, and soon we will sit as a team and will report what the next step,” said Cotto. “There are still desires and goals to accomplish in boxing,”

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  1. nice statement from cotto… i was surprised he left so quick, he doesnt seem the type of fighter to throw his toys outta the buggy… it was obvious he lost, but he was probably pissed off he couldnt land any punches on floyd… ive sparred against superior and pro fighters and been embarrassed when i just couldnt land anything on them, ive left the ring and felt like going straight home lol

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