Canelo Alvarez-Kermit Cintron Weigh-In Results & Prediction

Posted: November 25, 2011 by Ismael AbduSalaam in Fight News
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Alvarez – 154 pounds

Cintron – 154 pounds

Prediction: While most of us stuffed our faces for Thanksgiving and commenced Christmas shopping, Canelo Alvarez and Cintron have undoubtedly been hard at work for tomorrow night’s showdown. Alvarez has had an active 2011, but it hasn’t been a year that dispelled the questions fans and critics still have about him. He essentially got a handed an easy title shot by the WBC against Matthew Hatton, and went on to gain some credibility with a nice win over tough Ryan Rhodes. In his last outing, Alvarez looked out of sorts experimenting with the shoulder roll defense before getting a stoppage (albeit quick) over Alfonso Gomez.

On the other hand, Cintron has been active but wholly unimpressive this year. The former welterweight titlist was bullied and near run out of the ring by Carlos Molina in July on Showtime. To his credit, Cintron got right back in the ring the next month to decision Antwone Smith on Friday Night Fights.

On a recent conference call, a representative for Golden Boy stressed that Cintron was not picked because he was washed up, but because he was the “next logical step in Canelo’s progression as a fighter.” You can translate that as Cintron being a name that would serve as an adequate stepping stone in building up Canelo to a big fight. Several years ago, Cintron was a fearsome puncher even with the questions about his heart. Recently, that power seems long gone. The snap on Cintron’s punches has eroded. As a result, Alvarez won’t likely won’t be bothered much by Cintron’s offense when wading inside. Canelo’s solid body attack/inside game and Cintron’s weakness thereshould get the young titlist a TKO by about the seventh round.



Adrien Broner – 128.5 pounds

Vicente Martin Rodriguez – 129.5 pounds

Prediction: There’s not much footage out there on Rodriguez, but what there is of him shows a solid fighter. Nothing in particular stands out, but he doesn’t shy away from exchanges and looks durable. Broner’s speed should be the difference in route to a lopsided 12 round decision.


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