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Passive Glen Johnson No Match for Lucian Bute [VIDEO]

QUEBEC CITY, CANADA -- IBF super-middleweight champion Lucian Bute (30-0, 24 KOs) otched his ninth title defense with a wide decision victory over an uncharacteristically gunshy Glen Johnson (51-16-2, 35 KOs) at the Pepsi Coliseum.

QUEBEC CITY, CANADA — IBF super-middleweight champion Lucian Bute (30-0, 24 KOs) notched his ninth title defense with a wide decision victory over an uncharacteristically gun-shy Glen Johnson (51-16-2, 35 KOs) at the Pepsi Coliseum.

Surprisingly, Johnson began the bout attempting to box from the outside over his trademark pressure. The faster and longer Bute had no issues countering Johnson’s jabs with right hooks. The Road Warrior’s only limited success were straight rights to the pit of Bute’s stomach. The champion’s left cross, while mostly blocked, kept Johnson on the outside.

Johnson closed the punching range in the sixth, resulting in one of his best rounds. Johnson focused his right hands to the body and avoided Bute’s hooks. However, Bute responded strong in the seventh by unleashing powerful left uppercuts to the body. The blow assisted in lowering Johnson’s guard and allowing Bute’s straight lefts to split the guard.

A stoppage appeared imminent in the eighth and ninth rounds, where Bute walked Johnson down behind right hooks and unleashed 3-4 punch combinations. But the Road Warrior refused to completely capitulate and always threw back to prevent being overwhelmed.

The championship rounds found Bute landing much harder shots, particularly left crosses and right hooks. Johnson own blows were weakened enough where Bute had no fear in exchanges.

The scores of 119-109 and 120-108 twice were a stark contrast to the competitiveness Johnson showed earlier this year in a losing effort to Carl Froch. The Road Warrior blamed his performance on a freak injury to his right arm in the fourth round.

“I thought I won the fight. I used my jab and beat him to the punch,” Johnson told Showtime’s Jim Gray. “I don’t think he landed anything… I basically beat him with one hand, the jab… I hurt my right hand and it swelled up… That’s the reason you didn’t see the big right hand. ”

Bute picked Andre Ward to defeat Carl Froch in December and verified his desire to face the Super Six winner in 2012.


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