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Roy Jones Jr Undergoing Experimental Treatment for Possible Brain Damage

"If this is rehabilitated, the cranial bone movement, the brain can actually heal," Simkovich says. "And that's why I'm getting all these ex-NFL players and boxers in here..."

Former pound for pound #1 Roy Jones is using experimental bone treatments which he believes will slow the effects of brain trauma he received in his career.

Jones, now 42, is considered retired although he’s made no official announcement. He last fought in April 2010, losing a unanimous decision to Bernard Hopkins. Before that, in December 2009, he was knocked out in one round by Danny Green.

Jones says he’s had difficulty maintaining his balance, which he attributes to the blows received over a 21 year career. He found a Pittsburgh chiropractor, Dr. Charles Simkovich, who claims his treatment to the bones surrounding the brain can reverse the effects of concussions and head trauma.

“If this is rehabilitated, the cranial bone movement, the brain can actually heal,” Simkovich says. “And that’s why I’m getting all these ex-NFL players and boxers in here because they’re experiencing different issues that are now correctable.”


The first thing that stands out to me is Jones revealing that he’s been looking for a doctor on this matter for the last 4-5 years. That means he’s been fighting all that time despite these issues. I’m no physician, but it’s a hard sell for me to believe a back specialist can cure brain trauma with temple massages. We know the mental/ believe aspect is powerful, and Jones may be feeling renewed despite there being no medical evidence to suggest there’s been an improvement to his condition.

Most of us wanted to Jones to stop fighting after the Glen Johnson KO in 2004. I sincerely hope to never see him in the ring again. He’s doing just fine from the HBO commentary booth.



  1. Ohhhh man, I knew, We all knew it would Be long until Roy got some brain trouble, going up to Heavyweight and taking beatings from guys He would of embarrassed and dealt with in the past have been painful to watch… Hope He doesnt ended up with serious health consequences in the future… Its doenst sound good… I agree, Im skeptical about this dude being able to preform miracles and turn back time on these athletes… I hope the bored dont allow Roy to fight, espec after him admitting He is suffering problems now…

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