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Tommy Morrison Says HIV a ‘Myth,’ Denies Positive Testing

Despite a positive HIV testing in the mid 90s, former heavyweight contender Tommy Morrison maintains that he does have the disease and considers it a "media myth."

Despite a positive HIV testing in the mid 90s, former heavyweight contender Tommy Morrison maintains that he does have the disease and considers it a “media myth.”

At 42 years old, Morrison is trying to launch a comeback after having last fought in 2008. Due to his positive HIV test in 1996, Morrison has fought in unregulated sites on Indian reservations and in foreign countries. After initially speaking out on the benefits of HIV prevention when he was first diagnosed, Morrison now contends the virus is a fictional disease created by scientists and carried by media hype. He uses himself as an example by claiming he’s taken no medicine yet lived for 15 years since the positive test.

Morrison remains unlicensed due to his refusal to take additional tests to verify his claims. He believes even over 10 years removed from his prime years as a boxer, he has the skill left to defeat today’s reigning champions, the Klitschkos brothers. It’s a comeback he insists the public would buy into.

“I think about boxing more now. I’m better,” Morrison told The Kansas City Star. “They’re not used to that. A white guy that has hand speed, power, charisma, and can talk in complete sentences? (Shoot). Sounds like a gold mine to me.”

At press time, Morrison’s likeness is expected to be a playable character in the video game Fight Night Champion, set for release on March 1.



  1. wow, oooooooooooooooooooooook

    i didnt know what what hes been to for all these years… fighting on indian reserves??? does anyone know what hes record over these years has been???

    sounds to Me that he has got the monster if hes refuses to take a test, especially if A simple test woulda got Him back in the mix… he does look well ill though…

  2. Tommy is right in his claims about HIV, which has never been isolated by the classice rules of virology. The tests are “antibody” testsand not for an actual virus. Therefore, these tests are useless, The ELISA Test has 70 thing which can cause one to have a false positive. The back-up, The Western Blot, uses protein bands that are not specifc to only HIV. The viral load test disclaimer states, “is not intended to be used as a screening test for HIV or as a diagnostic test to confirm the presence of HIV infection.” Even if these tests were accurate, how
    is having antibodies to a disease a bad thing? Having antibodes to diseases used to be a good thing, but now, it means that one is sick and dying and must take toxic drugs for the rest of one’s life. And how can one pass “antibodies” to another? One can no more pass an antibody than one can give another a toothache!

    Many of us have learned the truth thanks to the Internet, YouTube, books, and Rethinking AIDS sites. We have stopped the toxic drugs and we are not sick and dying as predicated, but instead, are living normal, healthy lives!

    1. Those of you who have learned “the truth” about AIDS and “stopped the drugs” are “not sick and dying”??? Hmmmm… that’s what Tommy said. Hope you’re faring better…

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