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Kanye West & Jay-Z “H.A.M.” [Produced by Lex Luger]

"I'm like really/Half a billy/ Nigga really you got baby money," Jay spits. "Keep it real with niggas/ Niggas ain't got my lady money..."

“I hustled with vultures late night/ Y’all motherfuckers would’ve been food…”

As they promised a few weeks back on Twitter, Kanye West and Jay-Z have delivered on a new Lex Luger beat dubbed “H.A.M.” After the success of Rick Ross’s “B.M.F.”, Luger has become the go to man for southern emcees, particularly those who specialize in trap music. Neither Kanye or Jay, at least the current version, fall in that category. So with much interest, many awaited this song to hear how the two would handle a beat outside of their usual lanes.

Luger’s beat starts off very unassuming. The standard synth effects and rolling bass you’ve heard before are presented with added operatic vocals.  But that’s just the calm before the storm. By the one minute mark, Luger adds bombastic horns and more sprawling vocals to accompany the chorus. Perhaps influenced by Ye’s recent, prolonged instrumentals to end his pieces, Luger does the same. His variation strips down the beat to light piano notes while the opera singing continues. A crashing, sudden shift back to the chorus’ loudness occurs in the final 30 seconds to close out matters.

Regarding the actual rhymes, Kanye and Jay take different paths. Instead of approaching the trap beat from another angle, ‘Ye simply offers an imitation of what lesser emcees would have done. Kanye’s never been marveled at for his flow, but he’s show recent flashes of vast improvement, as heard on the “Power Remix.” On here he’s lazy and trite (“If life’s a bitch/Suck my dick heh!/ And I bet she fucked the whole click/ Heh!”). That would be passable for Waka Flocka Flame or Gucci Mane, but we know Kanye can do much better.

On the other hand, Jay-Z dismantled the track flow-wise, displaying what separates him from many of his peers. The content focuses on Jay (what else) and his money, and how others in contrast sell fantasy in their lives. The bars are sharp, and showing that he’s not out of a step with the youth, you even hear distinct hints of Drake’s flow.

“I’m like really/Half a billy/ Nigga really you got baby money,” Jay spits. “Keep it real with niggas/ Niggas ain’t got my lady money…”

The song won’t is nowhere near Jay and Kanye’s other recent collabs, but it served a purpose. H.A.M. might not be welcome in your diet, but it’s a meal some will unabashedly indulge in.




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