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12/27/10: Floyd Mayweather’s Latest Security Guard Confrontation [VIDEO]

"We're going to end up having a problem...let me in my motherfucking house!"

“We’re going to end up having a problem…let me in my motherfucking house!”

The holiday spirit wasn’t with Floyd Mayweather during his latest acrimonious encounter with a security guard. This incident was caused by the guard not allowing Mayweather into the affluent, Southern Highlands gated community unless he showed ID. The linear welterweight champ became irate, and indicated this was the second time he’s had an incident at this location. The last time, Mayweather received a battery charge for allegedly poking the guard in the face. He managed to keep his hands to himself, but continuously berated this new security guard.

As someone who’s on the Board of Directors in my gated community, I would have no issues with someone requesting ID. To me, that ensures that my property, and those of my neighbors, doesn’t have random people loitering around. I’d especially be ok if the guard indicated he knew me, but was still following procedure. Floyd said at the beginning he didn’t have his ID, and the guard just requested a second so he could get him clearance to go through. Did that warrant such an outburst? I think it’s obvious the people at Southern Highlands and Mayweather need to have a sitdown regarding community protocol.

Too bad the 24/7 crew couldn’t catch this. Then again, Floyd would have to be fighting for HBO cameras to be around.


  1. I definitely disagree w/ ur position. It’s one thing to stop some random visitor & an entirely different matter to stop one of the most recognizable & well known athletes in the world @ 4:00 am. Stop it. Floyd had every right to be annoyed & offended. If in such an exclusive community that houses a member of the Maloof family doesn’t have security personnel who is unable to identify it’s residents…then they should not be securing that community. No way a man who’s home is valued in the tens of millions of dollars should be made to wait at the gate at 4 in the morning after identifying himself. Not acceptable. They are there to serve the residents of that community. It’s tantamount to refs in a boxing match or any other contest over-involving him/herself. Fans don’t pay to watch refs or not watch their fav athletes. Floyd didn’t pay millions of dollars to be treated like a stranger in his own community….he is an owner….he is the main feature.

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