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New Music: Have Kanye, Jay-Z & Q-Tip Found the Throne? REKS Drops a New Mixtape

Watch the Throne is still in development, so it's hard to gauge whether this joint will make it, or just serve to give us an idea of the duo's creative direction.

But why all the pretty icons are always all white? Back to my Beyonces…”

Watch the Throne is still in development, so it’s hard to gauge whether this joint will make it, or just serve to give us an idea of the duo’s creative direction.

The rolling drums, electronic whistles, and Elly Jackson-helmed chorus are in line with Kanye’s current, genre-bending sound. But Q-Tip’s use of the ubiquitous “Apache” drum break, and Public Enemy scratches, assist in giving the song a harder and darker edge. So while your undoubtedly dealing with a pop record, it’s not sappy.

Kanye’s verse is serviceable, and as usual has a line or two to elicit a smirk or chuckle (“No disrespect I’m not trying to belittle/ But my dick worth money/ I put Monie in the middle…”). Jay-Z takes the dialogue a little more serious, and drops some subtle social commentary on what type of women are considered icons of beauty (“I mean Marilyn Monroe she’s quite nice/ But why all the pretty icons always all white?/ Back to my Beyonces…”). There’s only two full verses, so like their previous outing (“The Joy”), the pair might make considerable use of that template on the album.

Some fans, who were expecting a straight old school, sample-based project that sounds like “The Joy,” might be taken aback by this. But I personally like the contrast and think they can make it work well enough to satisfy the older and young fans alike.



After blessing fans with new tracks every week, the time has finally arrived for REKS’ latest mixtape, In Between the Lines, Volume 2. More album than mixtape, REKS has served up a whooping 30 new tracks, with about 9-10 of the production credits coming courtesy of Statik Selektah. Other producers coming through include Nottz, OhNo, and Rain. On the emcee side,  REKS enlists Termanology, Phonte, Jaysaun, Slaine, and Jon Hope.

REKS has put in a lot of work considering this is a free project. So show him some love and check out the sponsored download courtesy of DJ Booth.



1 Once Again produced by ATG
2 Legacy produced by J. Lee
3 Represent 2010 classic freestyle
4 This or that produced by Statik Selektah
5 My words(f/ dynas & jon hope) produced by rain
6 What it is (f/truck north, sts & phonte) produced by Statik Selektah (CLASSIC)
7 Succesful Girl (f/ bk cyph) produced by Statik Selektah
8 Feel it baby produced by Soul Theory
9 Different breed produced by Oh No
10 Pray for u (homicide note) produced by Statik Selektah
11 Egos (f/ strong arm steady) produced by Statik Selektah
12 Money & power( f/ sonic & termanology) produced by Statik Selektah
13 Eff U produced by Nottz
14 Get Rowdy (f/ Sha Stimuli & Reef the Lost Cauze) produced by the bassheadz
15 No Hooks(Uppercuts) [f/ Lucky Dice & Chi Knox] produced by MoSS
16 In My Lane (f/ Ras Kass & Ekko) produced by hazardis soundz
17 Getting Ugly produced by Frank Dukes
18 Eat or Starve produced by Statik Selektah
19 6 am ( f/ slaine, jfk & steven king) produced by Statik Selektah
20 Setting it off (f slaine, jfk, jaysaun & steven king) produced by Statik Selektah
21 Window Pane produced by Blaze P & Bing
22 The Etc. (f/Kali) produced by Statik Selektah
23 Night sky (f/ s.o.l) produced by Dom
24 Hooked on whateva (f/ blaze p & j tronius) produced by Blaze P
25 Lighters( f/ ea$y money & sonic) produced by Scotty B
26 Hindu Kush (GHOST) (f/Lucky Dice & Steis produced by The Lion
27 Rapanomics ( f/ Termanology & Sha Stimuli) produced by Rain
28 Strays (f/Saheed) produced by hazardis soundz
29 Brainstorm produced by ATG
30 My Dark Skin (Willie Lynch Theory) produced by Soul Theory

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