Funkmaster Flex Defends Tupac Comments, Outlawz Drop Diss Record

Posted: November 23, 2010 by Ismael AbduSalaam in Hip-Hop Editorial, Music News
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Funkmaster Flex is standing behind his recent critical comments on the life and legacy of the late Tupac Shakur.

The clip, which shows Flex angrily admonishing those who revere the late icon (“I don’t suck Tupac’s dick!”), went viral over the past two days after lying dormant on YouTube for months.

While Flex apologized for his words, he stood by his stance of choosing not to idolize Tupac’s life, believing he brought a lot of negativity with his beef tactics that haunt Hip-Hop even 14 years after his death.

“He brought a negative energy into the game with the beefing, erratic energy, and the threats,” Flex explained on his Hot 97 radio show. “Dude didn’t have no good energy towards me…I can’t support everything people say about him. I feel that energy he brought put a lot of negativity, and brought changes to the game we live with now. That’s just the way I feel.”

Flex’s comments have already elicited a response from Shakur’s Outlawz crew, who dropped the diss song “Warning Shots.” On the track, the group issues standard threats (“They call your number you’re done/ See how Bigge and Pac felt up under the gun”),  and blame Flex for ruining New York’s Hip-Hop scene (“He’s half of the reason Nas said Hip-Hop died…”).

At press time, Funkmaster Flex has not responded to the Outlawz record.






I’m very surprised that Tupac rant from Flex was recent. I was almost certain it was something from the 90’s that someone just decided to post. With that said, Funkmaster Flex is more than entitled to opinion, and I respect him for clarifying his stance.

To make a boxing analogy, how Tupac is viewed in Hip-Hop reminds me of how Muhammad Ali is perceived in boxing. Most people love Ali for his affable personality, funny knockout predictions, and overall swagger. However, there is a small but vocal minority that call attention to Muhammad Ali’s darker side: his womanizing while married, the hypocritical racial taunts of Joe Frazier, and abandonment of his mentor Malcolm X.

Tupac had his own dark side that dominated the final two years of his life. For such a brilliant artist and mind, the ultimate tragedy and waste is that he died over petty, street bullshit. But if you look at the course he’d taken since joining Death Row, from the beefs to establishing deeper gang ties, the ending almost seems inevitable in retrospect.

The problem with Flex is that he initiated the conversation with straight malice, and even now hasn’t truly explained what happened at that nightclub to warrant such a response. Also, there’s his own hypocrisy to contend with. You can’t blame Tupac for making personal beefs popular, and then sit there happily interviewing your friend 50 Cent when he’s uses the very same blueprint. I distinctly remember interviews last year where Flex was in stitches listening to 50 imply a sexual relationship with the mother of Rick Ross’ son. That is the most troubling and undermining aspect of Flex’s stance, and in a way fulfills the stereotype many West Coast fans have about the “East Coast bias” in the media.

If any good comes out this, it’s that hopefully we start to look at our heroes as the three-dimensional, flawed people they are. We do a disservice to people like Muhammad Ali and Tupac Shakur when we deify them. Only by recognizing their humanity is when we can truly measure their triumphs and shortcomings.

  1. RECK says:

    FUCK funkmaster flex.


  2. ghost says:

    2Pac Forever .. fuck flex!

  3. ahaneku yagazie says:

    fuckkkkkkkk funk master shit, fuck funk servant flex, fuck that bitch nigga that horseplays all day while his mates are selling multi platinum records. i don’t really blame him, in hip hop this days anybdy can talk shit and get away with it… i just wish pac was still alive.. bullet holes would have been created in his chest

  4. Tori Gates says:

    This b*tch ass stunt by Funk Master Flex is suprising but I just hope he understands the full nature of his statements.
    In someway I feel this whole stunt was orchestrated by someone bigger than Flex, but pawns will never be kings atleast not in this lifetime. Outlawz are doing what soldiers do when their general is attacked big to Fatal, Noble and Edi. Remember what Pac said keep your head up.

  5. Tori Gates says:

    This b*tch ass stunt by Funk Master Flex is suprising but I just hope he understands the full nature of his statements.
    In someway I feel this whole stunt was orchestrated by someone bigger than Flex, but pawns will never be kings atleast not in this lifetime. Outlawz are doing what soldiers do when their general is attacked big to Fatal, Noble and Edi. Remember what Pac said keep your head

  6. mark says:

    Funk master flex who is such a loser for his statements about 2pac..he is a hypocrite…. so because of 2pacs so called negative influence to hip-hop during east/west coast beef you dont like him and wont play his music???…but yet you like and play 50cent, Dipset, Uncle murder and a list of others who have promoted violence at one point or another to thee extent were it has spilled into the streets beyond music….

  7. Malz says:

    Fuck Funk Master Flex if only he had balls he would have said it when 2pac was alive COWARD hiding behind a radio station….let his soul rest in peace ..Rest in Peace Tupac Amaru Shakur…as you wanted when you were alive your music and teachings still live on…i for one do relate from time to time all you talked about in your music and it realy helps me get through the day.

  8. KuSs says:

    typical… Everyone’s screamin for attention lately

  9. sam says:

    Flex, Learn who your talking to before you diss. If you believed someone tried to kill you, you would start a war too. Tupac is the most loving man to bless hip-hop. “I was only talkin to Biggie, then everybody had to open they mouth.” This man was only standin up for himself as any man in his place would have done. It blew out of proportion, and Tupac even tried to end it with Nas. Listen to his Still I Rise Album bitch, that’s tupac. Study his life, read his books, you don’t know shit about him. Fuck you

  10. […] already heard Crooked I and the Outlawz’s take on Funkmaster Flex’s anti-Tupac comments. Now, we get a record from closer kin in the […]

  11. cali kidd says:

    its funny his excuse of not liking PAC “THE THINGS HE SAID OF BIGGIES WIFE” he aint had nothing to say when 50cent did that shit to rick ross or Gay Z saying that about NAS wife it was all hip hop then butt what bunk flex really wants to say is fukk the west coast all in all dog ppl can hate pac or love em but the truth is he showed all these lame ass rappers what they all know now as business men with restaurants,clothing co. I mean u name it pac did it b4 any1 so I understand the lame 50yr old dj being upset lol oh and yea PAC is an icon biggie was a great mc maybe to a lot of ppl the best but he was just an mc sry dogg thats just the truth

  12. anglenett williams says:

    ZELBO STL 314 SAYS: DECEMBER 16, 2012 at 12:45AM I cant belived that flex is acking like that about 2pac cause the truth of the matter is pac was one of gods angel who knew thingsbefore his time and two days ago in newport Ct was a lost of the world, 14 days before christmas a shooting at a elementary school 20 kids and 8 staff members and also the mother murder by her own son Adam Lanza the shooter who killed himself after the shootings. My heart and prayers go out to the families who lost loved ones in CT, 2pac has a song called It An’t Know Peace on his album Till The End Of Time,at the end of the song he states all facts about what is going now in the world today

  13. nkululeko says:

    I’m from South Afrrica residing in Johannesburg jusk ask anybody about. Funkmaster master flex and they will tell you ” who”

    • Greetings my South African reader, thanks for checking in. Even though this happened several years ago, people are still pissed off at Flex about this. It’s one thing not to like Tupac — everyone doesn’t have to be a fan of his music or persona. However, Flex’s word choice could have been much better.

  14. Ride 4 Pac says:

    Pac would of bitch smacked u flex. Took u years 2 say sumthing. U aint shit. Mr makaveli 2pac RIP 4ever tha greatist. U flex keep running ur mouth especially about deceased legends. Fat fuck flex.

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