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Pacquiao Feared for Margarito’s Life: “I didn’t want to hurt him…”

New WBC junior-middleweight champion Manny Pacquiao revealed that he apologized to Antonio Margarito immediately after their fight.

New WBC junior-middleweight champion Manny Pacquiao revealed that he apologized to Antonio Margarito immediately after their fight.

Pacquiao, who rescheduled a TMZ media appearance due to a rib and wrist injury, went to his opponent’s locker room to offer apologies to Margarito’s entire team for the one-sided beating.

The Mexican fighter received over 400 power puches, many of them flush. He suffered a broken orbital bone, huge swelling and deep cut below his right eye. His left eye was also swollen.

“I thanked him, then I said sorry to him and his camp,” Margarito told ABS-CBN News. “I embraced him and then apologized to his wife and his team.”

In the championship rounds, Margarito could not see Pacquiao’s punches through his swollen eyes. The 10th and 11th rounds featured Margarito’s head being snapped repeatedly with power punches. Pacquiao momentarily paused several times in the 11th to look in disbelief at referee Laurence Cole, who declined to stop the bout since Margarito could still identify the number of fingers Cole held up in front of him.

In that same round, Pacquiao could be seen talking to Margarito in clinches. Although the Filipino champion didn’t reveal what he said, Pacquiao noticeably held back his attacks in the 12th.

“I didn’t want to hurt him because boxing is not all about killing each other,” he said.

Manny Pacquiao’s win was historic, giving him a title in his eighth weight class.


It was gracious of Pacquiao to apologize, even though he’s essentially blameless in this situation.

Margarito’s trainer Robert Garcia said there was no way Margarito would let him stop that fight. The trainer’s job is to protect the fighter from himself, so it’s unfortunate to hear him say that. If Pacquiao didn’t take his foot off the gas in the 12th, Margarito might have been seriously hurt.

Antonio Margarito needs a very long rest. Since he’s not retiring, I expect Top Rank to keep him out the ring until at least June or July of 2011.


  1. Shame on the corner and the ref, look at what loooooong beatings have done to fighters like Jeff Lacy for instance… I know Mexican fighters are tough, but who knows what this fight coulda taken out of him, and the long term medical effects… Hope Karma from the Fready ‘joke’ dont come back and bite Him in the ass…

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