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Fat Joe Speaks on Almost Getting KO’d by Roy Jones

"This nigga's face looked like the devil. I was like 'oh shit!'," Joe recalled. "I mean he's gonna knock me out. Don't front. I'll fight the world but he's the champion of the world. He slips one in and I'm through...I slip up on him and grab his wrists like 'Roy chill my nigga let me talk to you.'"

“Even Roy Jones was forced to lean back!”

Fat Joe on Ja Rule’s “New York”

Boxers are prideful warriors. Even after a crushing defeat, many will convince themselves not that they lost to a better man, but that the loss was due to some error they can correct. Adding on to that, boxers don’t take kindly to non-combatants ridiculing their performances.

That was the case several years ago when Roy Jones heard Fat Joe rap the above quip about his knockout loss to Antonio Tarver in 2004. An irate Jones would later corner Joe at a club and demand to know why he disrespected him on Ja Rule’s “New York.” Joe, who more than held is own in fistfights with Sunkiss and Papoose, knew immediately he would be outgunned attempting the same strategy with a future Hall of Fame fighter.

“This nigga’s face looked like the devil. I was like ‘oh shit!’,” Joe recalled. “I mean he’s gonna knock me out. Don’t front. I’ll fight the world but he’s the champion of the world. He slips one in and I’m through…I slip up on him and grab his wrists like ‘Roy chill my nigga let me talk to you.'”

In the end, cooler heads would prevail after Joe assured him the line wasn’t personal. In addition, he advised Jones that his Terror Squad would escalate the situation if a physical altercation occurred.

“I don’t think, I know you’re going to knock me out my nigga,” Joe admitted to Jones. “But you see those guys over there? They’re gonna kill you man. Nobody’s boxing, nobody’s gonna fight you.”

A week later, all was resolved and the pair were partying together at another nightclub.

Check out Fat Joe’s full breakdown of the encounter below.

You have to appreciate Joe’s honesty on this one. It reminds me of the old joke people would say about “what if a prime Mike Tyson slapped your girl?” And the answer would be “what did she do?”

I would have been surprised if Jones actually hit him, being that a boxer’s hands are considered deadly weapons. But then again you know if that happened it’s not like Joe is going to the police. I remember as a teenager hearing him on Hot 97 proclaim that he’s never meet a good cop in his life.

If you haven’t peeped his latest Darkside Vol. 1, check out the review. It’s a solid listen and Joe’s best in some time.


  1. hahah i was thinkin the same thing about his honesty… i really think joes that dude, always seemed genuine… sounds joe handled the situation well…

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