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Kanye West Blacks Out on Power Remix and Finishes Taylor Swift Controversy

"To be continued we on that Norman Mailer shit/In search of the truth even it goes through Taylor Swift/Tell her this [chorus]," Jay spits without remorse.

“On that Diamonds Remix I swore I spazzed/Then my big brother came through and kicked my ass…” Kanye West “Big Brother”

It appears Kanye West had that dubious memory in mind when he laid verses for his new “Power Remix” with “big brother” Jay-Z and Swizz Beatz. New York’s Funkmaster Flex premiered the track earlier this morning on his Hot 97 radio show.

Jay-Z’s lead verse is uncharacteristically defiant; not at his usual targets (assorted haters in certain fans and colleagues), but of the mainstream’s media treatment of himself and West. Jay metaphorically frames the dispute as two “prophet’s” struggle to prevent from being silenced. This stance has implicit criticism of how Kanye was dogged in the press last year for interrupting Taylor Swift’s VMA acceptance speech. In fact, Jay gives his strongest support to date for West’s move (which was inspired in support of his wife Beyonce) by essentially declaring Swift’s embarrassment as collateral damage.

“To be continued we on that Norman Mailer shit/In search of the truth even it goes through Taylor Swift/Tell her this [chorus],” Jay spits without remorse.

West takes over with three verses to close out. The first two are standard ‘Ye fair with an occassional witty line (“Keep Flex out of Korea because you know he drops bombs”) to keep you from completely zoning out to a beat cluttered with louder guitar riffs and R&B crooning.

The real treat is Kanye’s final verse. The beat abruptly switches to an updated, frenetic version of Snap!’s classic 1990 single “The Power.” Despite his apology to Taylor Swift, you’ll be able to pick up West’s feeling of triumph now that he’s been prominently invited back to this year’s MTV VMAs.

After having to endure months of damning comments in media editorials and even from the President, West retains the defiance that Jay-Z kicked off the track with. The wordplay is clever enough to go over the heads of casual listeners, but it rings loud and clear to Hip-Hop fans who pay attention to lyrics. And the rapid-fire delivery West utilizes only adds more potency to the words.

“Now Jay my big brother and B my little sister/And excuse me but you can’t see my little sister,” Kanye raps. “Not only that they showing pictures of my Cali plates/My Maybach in NY but it still got the Cali plates/All my old girls know that I’m the one who got away/I think about ’em Christmas and play some Donny Hathaway…”

And in the last ode to the past, Swizz finally urges Kanye off the now smoking mic in the same manner as Redman at the conclusion of “Tonite’s da Nite.”The first half of the song is not bad by any stretch of the imagination. But after hearing what Kanye did with the final beat and verse, it makes you wish both he and Jigga had used it for the entire song.

Kanye West has finally gotten his “revenge” for being outshined by Jay those five long years ago on the “Diamonds Remix.” On this song, there’s no question who has the power.

Kanye West feat. Jay-Z, John Legend and Swizz Beatz “Power Remix”

Download LINK


  1. Seriously, why do they have to keep bringing up the Taylor Swift stuff. Big deal she won a fucking VMA, get over it Kanye. I understand that the press was after him and shit, but attack the press not Taylor. She didn’t do anything but try to accept the award that was she was chosen to receive.

    Anyway, I think the track is great, just saying they need to get over that stuff. :p

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