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Having competed in five different weight classes over the span of 16 years, Robert Guerrero is now calling it a career.

The former four-division world titlist announced his retirement this afternoon, less than 48 hours removed from a third round TKO loss to Omar Figueroa.

“First, I want to thank God for allowing me to have a wonderful career,” said Guerrero in a statement. “I’m a kid from a small town in Gilroy, California, who made it to the mountain top of the boxing world. When I was a young kid growing up, I always believed in myself, but never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined a small-town kid like myself, would be fighting in front of millions of fans.”

Having competed as low as 122 pounds after turning pro in 2001, Guerrero won his first world title in 2006 by defeating Eric Aiken for the IBF featherweight strap. In 2009, he defeated Malcolm Klassen for the IBF super featherweight title. The Ghost would go on to pick up interim titles at lightweight and welterweight in 2011 and 2012, respectively.

“I competed at super-bantamweight and won world titles across multiple weight classes, closing my career at welterweight, fighting the big guys 25 pounds heavier,” Guerrero said. “A good friend always told me I was God’s warrior, born to fight. I enjoyed every minute of every war. I represented my¬†Lord and Savior Jesus Christ¬†with the bible verse Acts¬†2:38¬†on my trunks. If I reached one person and brought that person closer to Christ, then it was all worth it.”

Guerrero was a part of several notable bouts over the last five years. He was the opponent for Floyd Mayweather’s first Showtime pay-per-view, the first main event for Premier Boxing Champions when he faced Keith Thurman, and engaged in two brutal Fight of the Year candidates against Yoshihiro Kamegai and Andre Berto.

He finishes with a record of 33-6-1 (18 KOs).

This is welcome news. There’s been a lot of jokes lately over all the PBC main events Guerrero has received in the last few years, but you can never question his effort in the ring. To go from 122 to 147 is an achievement in itself, and long-time fans will recall he went from a technician at the lower weights to a rugged brawler above 135.

Problem is, there’s only so much punishment you can take from naturally bigger men. The wars with Berto and Kamegai didn’t help, but the noticeable decline began with the Thurman beating in 2015. Danny Garcia accelerated it last year and Figueroa finished it over the weekend. Officially, Guerrero is 1-4 over his last five and hasn’t clearly won a fight since 2014.

The bad reaction to every landed Figueroa uppercut made the end inevitable. And yet, Guerrero kept fighting until nothing was left.

Robert Guerrero is 34 years old. Young outside the ring, but battle-weary inside. Here’s hoping that he’s getting out in time enough to enjoy a retirement with minimal long-term health issues.




Watch the live stream of the official weigh-in for the WBC welterweight title clash between Danny Garcia and Robert Guerrero. The steam will also carry the co main event bout of Amir Mansour challenging undefeated Dominic Breazeale in a heavyweight bout.

The fights air Saturday night on Fox at 8 p.m. ET.


Photo Credit: Idris Erba/Premier Boxing Champions

LOS ANGELES — Danny Garcia and Robert Guerrero faced off today to officially announce their January 23 welterweight showdown on Fox. Garcia is fighting his second bout in the division and coming off a dominant stoppage win over Paulie Malignaggi. Guerrero is seeking to rebound after taking a controversial split decision over Aron Martinez this past summer.

On the undercard, undefeated prospect Sammy Vasquez takes Arron Martinez, who built on the Guerrero bout by taking an upset decision win over former champion Devon Alexander.

I want to thank California for accepting me and giving me the chance to showcase my skills at STAPLES Center.
Training camp has been going well. We already started sparring. I feel a lot stronger at 147-pounds. The world hasn’t seen the best of Danny Garcia yet, but they’ll see a fresher, faster, stronger and smarter fighter on January 23.
I’m from Philadelphia, but I feel like California is my home because they say this is where the stars come. And I’m a star.
I’m going to go out there and set the tempo. I’m going to back him up. If I have to move around and use angles I will. I’m going to stick to the game plan.
I’m looking to fight anybody at 147. I believe I will be a champion in this new weight class.This is another step for me towards taking over the welterweight division.¬†
There are always going to be critics. It’s not a source of motivation. My motivation is to go out there, train hard and win the fight. I want to make my family proud and be the best person I can be.
Anything can happen on any day. I have to prepare myself for all of the outcomes. The way I prepare myself, I feel like nobody can beat me.
I represent all Latinos. In order to be a star you have to come here and do it. No matter where you come from, great fights are what you want.
Come January 23 I’m going to go out there and give the fans a great fight.
It’s a blessing to be in the position that I’m in. This is going to be a great fight. We know that Danny comes into every fight ready to win.
A lot of people are writing me off, but I’ll come in 100% prepared to take the win on January 23.
This isn’t do or die for me, but it is a big fight. The fans love fighters and that’s what I am. As you saw in my fight with (Keith) Thurman, I come to fight.
I’ve got to take advantage of this opportunity. If I want to get back on top then this is step one. This is a pivotal point in my career.
I’ve got a lot of respect for Danny and Angel, but on fight night I’m coming ready to do business. We can be friends after. I’m excited to fight on FOX.
This is because of everything I’ve been through in my life. Now I’m standing here living a dream.
I know come January 23 this is going to be a tough fight. Aron has faced many world champions. He had a close split decision with Robert Guerrero as well.

Honestly, it’s easier to be fighting outside of my hometown of Pittsburgh. I’m so busy when I’m there and I try to give everyone attention. I appreciate having that fan base though. They’ve been with me from the beginning.
The fans are who builds you up. Having those fans has allowed me to get to where I am today.
I’m looking for fireworks. He’s definitely the type of fighter that’s a step-up for me, and that’s what I’ve been wanting. I’ve been saying I’ll fight anyone the put in front of me. Now he’s in front of me, and it’s my time to shine.
I’m coming into his back yard, but this isn’t my first time doing that. I’ve done this before and come out victorious.
I’m happy to be fighting in my hometown. I grew up here. I can’t wait to fight in front of my people.
Friends are asking me what it’s like to be the underdog. I tell them I’m always the underdog. That’s what makes me work harder.
I cannot let this man come here and beat me in my hometown. It’s a dream come true to be fighting at STAPLES Center, and I’m going to take full advantage of the opportunity to add this win to my legacy.
Hopefully Sammy Vasquez is ready because I’ve trained very hard to get here. I plan to train even harder now, have a great camp right here in the capital of boxing, and finish preparing myself.
I think this fight is going to steal the show. It’ll be fireworks!
We’ve got to take Robert Guerrero very seriously because we know he’s coming to win against Danny.
Danny is 31-0 and I’m going to make sure nobody takes that zero away from him.
The Puerto Rico-Mexico rivalry will heat up. Danny is the best Puerto Rican fighter out there and we’re excited for the chance to prove it January 23 at STAPLES Center.
We’re having a strong camp. This is going to be a war.
Danny Garcia is a good fighter. He can punch. So we’ve got to be ready for all of the things that he’ll bring to the table.
“We have a good game plan and are looking forward to facing Danny at STAPLES Center. We just want to put on a great show on FOX and prove to the world what we’re capable of.


Photo Credit: RBRBoxing

LAS VEGAS, NV — Boxing returned to primetime TV with¬†Keith Thurman laying down his credentials as a star in the making by defeating Robert Guerrero (120-107, 118-109, 118-108) in a brutal, action-packed main event for Premier Boxing Champions.

The card was supported by Adrien Broner, who won his contest in easy and tedious fashion over a listless John Molina. Was the event perfect? No. But there were enough positives to make every boxing fan hopeful about what this series can pull off.


THURMAN’S HUNGER: While all the other boxers seemed tense about the event, Thurman went out from round one to put the entire welterweight division on notice. He attacked Guerrero with massive hooks, giving his southpaw foe plenty of opportunities to fire back. Thurman made sure more often than not that the fight was fought on his terms by keeping the exchanges¬†at ring center and spinning away when his back touched the ropes.

Guerrero’s chin was tested every round and held up until the ninth when a corkscrew uppercut put him flat on the canvas. Instead of that being the end point, Guerrero would have his best work afterward in finally roughing up Thurman on the ropes in rounds 10 and 11, making the former and early Round of the Year candidate.

Since this fight was announced, Thurman has repeatedly told media that he wanted to show he was on Mayweather’s level by disposing of Guerrero in more decisive fashion.

Did he achieve that? Not quite — the young gun known has “One TIme” still has much learning to do in terms of defense and pacing. However, the sheer ferocity, hunger and refusal to coast to an easy victory (even with a bulging hematoma on the left side of his head) puts him levels above the majority of his PBC stablemates.

As of right now, Thurman is the young fighter Premier Boxing Champions should be pushing.


GUERRERO’S TOUGHNESS: What heart on Robert Guerrero. The way he collapsed after that uppercut knockdown, and the punishment he got in the corner before the bell sounded, appeared to signal the end. Guerrero instead dug deep, tapping into the “kill or be killed” base instinct in all of us to drag Thurman into a back and forth mauling battle. The sheer effort completely swung the crowd to Guerrero, creating multiple chants over the championship rounds (and boos for Thurman any time he retreated from engaging).

NEW BUSINESS: Thurman holds a version of the WBA title (Mayweather is the true champion) and can make good fights with next week’s Josesito Lopez-Andre Berto winner, the Roberto Garcia-Shawn Porter winner, Amir Khan or Marcos Maidana. With the possible exception of Maidana and Brook, Thurman would be the clear favorite in all those fights.

As for Guerrero, he still gives hell to any fighter that elects to stand in front of him. The losers of Lopez-Berto and/or Garcia-Porter could be options, along with Devon Alexander. Far as action and brutality, a matchup with another mauler in Shawn Porter would likely be the most TV friendly.


BRONER HANDLES MOLINA: A calmer Adrien Broner had little resistance from John Molina, scoring a wide unanimous decision win (120-108 twice, 118-110). Molina had promised a war but didn’t show the desire to push for one. Molina was content to try to wing telegraphed counter right hands which Broner evaded effortlessly. Outside of a very brief sequence in the third where Molina landed three left hooks inside, Broner thoroughly outboxed Molina behind his jab, left hooks and occasional flashy combinations that included uppercuts.

Broner admitted afterward that he didn’t press more because he felt that played into Molina’s hands and was the main reason why he lost to Marcos Maidana. It didn’t make for entertaining viewing, but most of the fault must be placed on Molina. Broner’s most exciting fights come when he faces fighters that bring the fight to him and aren’t intimidated by his fast hands. There are a few fighters that could fit that bill at 140 (Peterson, Matthysse, Provodnikov), but all of them have other fights on the table. At this rate, Emmanuel Taylor might be able to get a rematch by default.

Broner said he’ll be returning to the ring July 18 in his hometown of Cincinnati. Your guess is as good as mine as to who he’ll face. The timeframe lends itself to another B-level guy — perhaps the man who last beat Molina, Humberto Soto, will get the call.

“SICK” MARES BEATS REYES: Once a upon a time, Abner Mares was viewed as an arguable Top 5 P4P fighter. One Jhonny Gonzalez left hook later and he’s now the walk off bout to close Premier Boxing Champions. Mares won clearly on the cards (99-90, 98-91,96-93), but he looked worn out trying to keep up with Reyes’ pace. He later¬†attributed the performance to waking up sick, but Mares hasn’t looked good for a long time. Fighters below 130 can burn out quickly, and it’s not inconceivable that Mares’ best days might be behind him (even at 29 with just one defeat).

If I’m Leo Santa Cruz, I smell blood and demand Mares get served up ASAP.

Michaels, Leonard and Albert

GRADING PREMIER BOXING CHAMPIONS: Overall, Premier Boxing Champions put on a good show. The commentary between Al Michaels and Sugar Ray Leonard was flat in a lot of parts, but it’s not surprising the chemistry would be off going on 30 years since the last time NBC aired boxing. Marv Albert being there was good for credibility.

Laila Ali isn’t Harold Lederman, but I expect more of her personality to come out as the shows progress.

By the end of the year, Premier Boxing Champions TV should be a well-oiled machine.


Photo Credit: Naoki Fukuda

The weights are in for Premier Boxing Champions‘ debut show Saturday night (March 7). All the fighters looked to be in great shape with the lone blemish coming from Adrien Broner, who came in one pound over the junior welterweight limit of 140 pounds. Initially, it was announced that Broner would have two hours to lose the weight. Then news broke that the contract allowed for the 141 pound weight, leading many to speculate that the contract had been renegotiated in light of Broner’s excess weight.

The card airs at 8:30 p.m. ET




Thurman: 147

Guerrero: 147

PREDICTION: Thurman UD12. Thurman will be a moving target and not give Guerrero the consistent mauling opportunities he needs to pull this one out. Thurman will land some heavy leather, but Guerrero has the chin to take it and go the distance.





Broner: 141

Molina: 140

PREDICTION: BRONER UD12. Wouldn’t be surprised by a late stoppage considering the talent gap, but if the Molina that fought Matthysse can be conjured up, Broner will play it safe and simply outbox Molina with his usual fast counters.



Abner Mares: 127

Arturo Santos Reyes: 126

PREDICTION: MARES TKO7. The only purpose of this fight should be to set up a showdown with Leo Santa Cruz. Mares is long overdue to step back up.

Ending with the lovely Laila Ali just because. She’ll be correspondent on tomorrow’s show.



Photo Credit: Stephanie Trapp

AROMAS, CA — Robert Guerrero played host to assembled media on Wednesday as he trained for his big March 7 matchup against Keith Thurman. The bout, which serves as the inaugural NBC main event for Premier Boxing Champions, will be Guerrero’s first marquee opponent since facing Floyd Mayweather back in May 2013.


I’m very happy that the fight is right around the corner.¬† I’m looking forward to giving fans a great night in boxing. A lot of big shots are going to be thrown from my end.

I know Keith Thurman is training hard and so am I.¬†This fight is going to be a war and I’m looking forward to it.

Training camp is wrapping up and my body feels great. This is one of the best camps I’ve had in a very long time and the fans can count on me being at peak performance on fight night.

I can’t wait to show the world and everybody watching on NBC what I’m all about.¬†March 7¬†can’t come soon enough. I’m ready to go!

Premier Boxing Champions on NBC is promoted by Goossen Promotions and features Keith Thurman vs. Robert Guerrero and Adrien Broner vs. John Molina, Jr. in bouts that will air live on NBC (8:30 p.m. ET/5:30 p.m. PT). The Abner Mares vs. Arturo Santos Reyes bout will be televised live on the NBC show (8:30-11 p.m. ET) or on the NBCSN telecast (11 p.m. ET).


NBC held¬†an official press conference today to announce Premier Boxing Champions,¬†an ambitious new program series from manager Al Haymon aimed at bringing elite boxing back to network television. The presser was noted for its exclusivity in not only live attendance, but also the fact that a password-protected stream was only provided to select media outlets. Nonetheless, here are the highlights from the company’s first press release.

РThe official name for the series is Premier Boxing Champions, which will feature at least 20 cards this year. Those will include 11 on NBC and 5 in prime time. The cards will have pre and post-fight coverage.

Al Michaels will be the lead commentator on all fights, with Sugar Ray Leonard handling boxing analyst duties.

– Elite, competitive fights were promised, with boxers to compete 3-4 times per year.

– All fighters will be subject to Olympic style drug testing and brain health tests, the latter being conducted by the Cleveland Clinic.

– Along with the confirmed March 7 card (Thurman vs. Guerrero, Broner vs. John Molina), Haymon Boxing VP of Operations Lamont Jones verified that Danny Garcia and Lamont Peterson will headline a card on April 11.

– Fighters on hand at the presser included Robert Guerrero, Keith Thurman, Adrien Broner, Roberto Duran, Sugar Ray Leonard and Tommy Hearns.


This is a very strong start for Haymon’s¬†brand. If he keeps this up throughout the year,¬†there is¬†a distinct possibility that he ends up putting HBO and Showtime’s boxing product to shame.¬†The¬†alternative would be¬†Showtime and HBO picking up their game to meet or exceed Haymon’s¬†product.¬†With Haymon’s¬†large clientele list, there are literally dozens of elite matchups he can put on in-house. And should he start working with other promoters, we¬†could really start to see something special happen with boxing re-emerging and connecting with casual fans.

If you’re a boxing fan, these are exciting developments. After the gross mismatches we saw in 2014, Haymon is well on his way to making amends…so far.