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[Video] Rapsody ft. Lance Skiiwalker – “Power”

Posted: October 28, 2017 by Ismael AbduSalaam in Music News
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“The power of the spirit makes the old heads holler.” Rapsody and Lance Skiiwalker muse on the many levels of strength in these new visuals for “Power.” Unfortunately, Kendrick couldn’t make the video so his part was cut. However, you should still be satisfied as the video jump for beautiful images of power (children growing, women celebrating each other, man working out/sparring) to some that are more destructive (guns, alcohol self-medication etc.). Rapsody’s excellent Laila’s Wisdom album is available now.



The walls are closing in. Episode two of season four, aptly titled “Things Are Going to Get Worse,” finds Ghost nursing the wounds from the recent guard attack, and coming to grips with the reality that turning state’s evidence might be his only way out.

Proctor lays out how badly the case looks. Fingerprints outside the window. DNA found under the victim’s fingernails. The murder weapon showing up at Club Truth (conveniently planted by the corrupt Mike Sandoval) And most alarmingly, the desire for the feds to prosecute under the kingpin/R.I.C.O. statute to take down Tommy as well. After Ghost’s slips up in his wording about whether he’s previously killed anyone, he and Proctor both decide it’s wise that he doesn’t take the witness stand.

By the time Ghost finally sees his family, he words ring hollow. He’s a broken man whose failures are manifest in the despondent eyes on his wife and children. The recklessness of his affair with Angela has led to an estranged marriage, a depleted savings fund and no legal money that can be used for his defense.

The final bombshell comes with the news that John Mak’s prosecution team will be seeking the death penalty.

But there may be one lifeline remaining. The mysterious mob-connected inmate we met last week, Tony Teresi, has been keeping an eye on Ghost. After seeing our beleaguered protagonist handle himself well against another confrontational inmate, Teresi begins doing some digging. He appears to know recognize Tommy’s last name of Egan, but to what extent we don’t know (yet). And while Power is known for some plot twists that stretch reality, I’m already hoping this does not turn out to be something outlandish like Teresi possibly being Tommy’s father.



Let’s applaud this man. First off, he gets to blow off some steam (and fluids) with LaKeisha. It makes sense that she’d be partial to him since he protected her from Milan. However, it doesn’t make the move any less idiotic for the both of them. For one, Tommy is compromising the trust of Tasha, who he’s supposed to be in business with. Second, LaKeisha is back to her jealousy/frenemy mode with Tasha; she vocalizes her resentment to Tommy that Tasha “steals” everything that belongs to her (namely Shawn). Even worse, she betrays Tasha’s confidence by revealing the brief emotional affair she carried with Shawn, which we know Tommy will throw back in Ghost or Tasha’s face at some point.

A bad situation just got messier, but I can’t be too mad at Tommy. There’s not a man alive that’s turning down LaKeisha in that scenario.

Tommy’s other standout moment was delivering some street retaliation to Domingo, a goon for the wayward Cristobal (who was seeking a side distribution deal with the Toros Locos camp). Domingo made the mistake of putting his hands on a soldier in Tommy’s camp. Tommy took it upon himself to make Domingo run at gunpoint and then ran over the man with his own car. It was one of those care-free, psychopathic moments that is simultaneously filled with dark humor and necessary considering the season’s depressing start.

Finally, Tommy dodged a huge bullet by loaning his car to his mother. The car had just been compromised by a police tracker. Assuming Mom doesn’t spend all her free time in drug houses, the feds will have a hard time tying Tommy to an R.I.C.O. indictment.



I’m trying really hard not to hate this kid. I mean, what kind of teenager do we expect after being raised by a mother enraptured by the drug-dealing lifestyle and an emotionally absent, kingpin, and cold-blooded killer of a father? And yet, the disdain I’m getting for Tariq is rivaling what I had for Namond years ago on The Wire.

Tasha and Ghost have passed along zero street smarts nor awareness. At Kanan’s behest, Tariq’s mirroring the reckless behavior of his father and appears an episode or two away from committing his first crime. I’m not even sure finding out Kanan’s real identity will be enough to snap him out of this father-figure delusion he has for 50’s character.

What I can foresee happening is Tariq catching his first body to protect Tasha or Raina. Symbolically, it would make more sense for said body to be Kanan, as killing him would represent Tariq’s complete loss of innocence and the failure of Ghost to not have his son repeat his path.



Kanan put it best to Dre when he had him yoked up — “You done told so many lies you ain’t got no friends.” Ghost nor Tommy will be in the forgiving mood once they find out he’s been lying bout Kanan being alive and seeing Tariq. And Kanan is only keeping him alive to extort $50k a week from the club.

For now, his usefulness to both camps is keeping him alive. Club Truth needs to run smoothly, and Dre is the only one with a clean enough name to do it. But the time is coming where he’ll have define his loyalties, even under the threat of death.

With the murder weapon being planted at the club, we can only hope that Dre was smart enough not to turn off all the security cameras.



As scorned as Angela feels, even she has begun having second thoughts about this case. She knows the savagery her ex is capable of, and the murder weapon being at Truth just feels wrong. Tasha instinctively knows it too. Even now through all the hurt, these two women have more common ground than they realize. I’m expecting that common ground to result in an uneasy working alliance as Angela continues to dig deeper into the case.


Speaking of Angela, she continues to be ostracized at work. Her previous affairs make her a liability, and the others openly discussed making her a sacrificial lamb. No matter the outcome, you can expect Angela’s career as an FBI agent to be over. There is just too much dirt that will be revealed in the course of the trial. Unfortunately for the Bureau, the more they isolate Angela from the one sanctuary she has left (her work), the more they unwittingly push her back to Ghost’s side.


  1. I dunno guys, from that confrontation I’m getting the feeling Angela could wash Tasha in a fight.
  2. We need at least 2-3 more Keisha sex scenes this season. Don’t disappoint me, Power writers.
  3. Proctor getting drugs from Tommy continues to develop his subplot. And makes him a potential character to die this season.
  4. How is Ghost’s beard looking shaky in jail but the line-up is still perfect?
  5. Now that Kanan has taught Tariq how to pick locks, I hope the next lesson revolves around getting him a personality.

What are your predictions for episode three? Sound off in the comments.

Power S4.E1 Recap: A Ghost Under Pressure

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Prison is the abode of regrets and failure. Nothing drove that home more than the opening scene of the season four premiere of Power, where we find our embattled protagonist, Jamie “Ghost” St. Patrick, in custody for the murder of federal agent Greg Knox.

Snatched from his club by Angela, Ghost replays all the events leading up to his worst nightmare. Tommy calling him a fool for dating a fed. His estranged wife Tasha echoing those sentiments. Whereas before Ghost had a measure of control over Angela’s emotions, he now finds his pleas of innocence returned with the icy glare of a woman scorned.

The problems are coming from all angles. Inside the jail, Ghost has to contend with a brutal C.O. (Charlie Murphy) that takes physical liberties on the basis that Ghost is a cop-killer. There’s little clean money Ghost and Tasha can put their hands on since Ghost cleared out their joint account during the brief war with Milan and Lobos. Adding to the humiliation in the St. Patrick household in a fed raid at the home, led by none other than Angela Valdez.


As expected, they trash the place and even confiscate Tasha’s (legal) gun. Neither Tasha nor Angela hold their tongue with each other, but Tasha clearly gets the upper hand by listing Angela’s discretions within earshot of her colleagues.

Long-time watchers of the show should find immense irony in Tasha’s current predicament. In season one, she took immense pride in her husband being the “biggest drug dealer in the city” and discouraging his desire to go legit with Club Truth. Well, here’s the other side the game — your man facing life in prison and the feds potentially seizing all your assets.


With that said, no one told Ghost to go have an affair with a federal agent. You feel the pain, anger and disappointment on her face when she goes to see Ghost in prison. In the coming weeks, it’ll be interesting to see who she relies on. Tommy is there, but there’s someone else who might be a better confidant…



Well, back from hiding. Turns out that Tommy only had it in him to kill one woman last season. Instead of taking Keisha out like Milan suggested, he had her lay low until Milan was out of the picture. Now Keisha’s back to handle her portion of the shop and armed with the knowledge that Tasha and Tommy are using it to launder money. She was by Tasha’s side during the raid and ready to throw down on Angela, so don’t be surprised if those two lock horns in future episodes.


We got a bit of a swerve on this storyline. Last time we saw Tariq, he was drugged on Kanan’s couch being held for ransom. At the pleading of Dre, Kanan decides to back off the plan and have Tariq tell his Mom it was just a bad joke. Note how naturally lying comes to Tariq when Tasha and Tommy press him about who he’s been with all night. It mirrors the duplicity that Ghost has used with everyone in his life. And like his father, expect it all to come crashing down by season’s end.

Speaking of Kanan, the only one that senses his work behind these recent events is Tasha. It’ll be interesting to see how much more havoc Kanan can do with Jukebox and Ray Ray. If I had to place a bet, look for them to drop some bodies within Tommy’s distribution ring.




With Ghost locked up, Tommy’s now running things. That’s never worked too well in the past. His partners in the drug distribution conspiracy are already worried about how Ghost’s arrest, on an FBI murder rap no less, will affect their business. Plus Tommy will have to figure out how to placate the Serbian connects, who have also been informed of the brewing mess by Petar.

We also see that Julio, who we thought was the level-headed one of the crew, is a sucker for love when he brings a former prostitute to Club Truth for Dre to employ. With all the heat coming down on Ghost, you’d think the one place they’d want to keep clean is his supposed legit business.



For all of Angela’s bravado this episode, there were several moments to remind her of her own culpability in this mess.

First was being confronted by Raina. All that abrasive energy Angela had for Tasha went out the window under that young girl’s questioning. What happened to wanting us to live with you? Angela had no answers, and the moment served as a strong reminder that the biggest victims of affairs tend to be children.


The second moment came with the introduction of a new character in smug, hotshot district attorney John Mak (Sung Kang). He taking over the Ghost investigation and makes it plain to Angela that her reckless bedroom romps with Knox and Ghost disqualify her from publically working on the case. However, Mak still expects her to work full-time sans any credit.

Still, I have faith in Angie to have Ghost’s back once the truth comes out. Angela’s not as smart as she thinks she is, but she goes hard for love. Once she realizes the worst about Ghost isn’t true, she’ll find a way to sabotage the case.


  1. A season ago, Dre was just an ambitious hustler on the corner. Now running a nightclub and staying alive despite his loyalties being boxed between two dangerous forces in Tommy and Kanan. Unfortunately, I think the young gun is on borrowed time. There’s only so long you can play both sides. Tommy already knows he’s lying about who “Slim” is, and Kanan won’t hesitate to put a bullet in him the first time that $50k a week payoff is low.
  2. For Proctor to be such a savvy attorney, who else found it hilarious that his baby momma is strung-out, loudmouth cokehead? They wouldn’t interject his home life for no reason, so we’ll see how it impacts the storyline in the weeks ahead.
  3. The only person breathing a sigh of relief this episode is corrupt FBI agent Mike Sandoval. No one suspects he killed Knox, but he made the idiotic mistake of not disposing of the murder weapon after receiving that call on the pier. When the case against Ghost starts unraveling, Angela should finally start connecting the dots.
  4. If Ghost wants protection in prison, he should look no further than Tony Teresi. But what will mobster ask for in return?
  5. Y’all see how the judge was leaning towards bail until Proctor brought up that he was a successful African-American businessman? Foul. SMH

Was the premiere worth the wait? Sound off in the comments and be back next week for episode 2!


It’s been three years since our ears have been caressed by Goapele’s sultry vocals. The Bay Area vocalist ends that drought next month with a new project entitled Dreamseekers. The first single is the vibrant, ethereal “Power,” which showcases a reflective Goapele that celebrates love in all its facets (self, family, community etc.)

“I’m a woman, but I’m also a whole person who won’t be confined to any one box,” she told VIBE. “Nobody is just one thing. Within any race, within any genre, and within any neighborhood, there’s so much diversity. As artists and especially as women of color, we have to be proud of that. I’m coming from an honest place and expressing the different parts of myself that make me whole.”

Dreamseekers is set for a May 19 release.


It’s going to be a hot summer. The season three trailer for Power finds our conflicted protagonist James “Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) faces threats on all sides. Former mentor turned enemy Kanan (50 Cent) is out for vengeance after being left for dead by Ghost in the season 2 finale. His former best friend, Tommy (Joseph Sikora), is another enemy who’s being manipulated by his girlfriend Holly (Lucy Walters). Add on Ghost’s love triangle with wife Tasha (Naturi Haughton) and DEA agent Angela (Lela Loren), and you have a season with many explosive storylines to build on.

Season 3 begins on July 17.

[Video] 50 Cent – “9 Shots”

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With season 2 of Power wrapped up, 50 turns his wrath towards Tony Yayo in the video for “9 Shots.” Lloyd Banks makes an appearance as the equalizer. Best 50 video in a minute.


Ghost is dead… for now. Although James St. Patrick is still among the living, his murderous kingpin alter-ego “Ghost” is temporarily retired to live out his recurring fantasy — a life of peace with Angela. Unfortunately for James, his masterful plan to eliminate all street ties has loose ends that will leave him and Angela in immense danger come season three.

The finale begins with the clandestine murder of Drifty, the Jamaican drug leader and one of the chiefs in Ghost’s networks of pushers for Lobos’ product. A picture card named “La Armana” is placed on the body, and this becomes a recurring theme when we see Vladimir, the Russian leader, suffer the same fate in a spa. Later its revealed that Ghost is behind the slayings as revenge for their treachery, and to eliminate any ties to himself as he moves forward with trying to become legit.


To that end, Ghost finally pulls his trump card on the smug Simon Stern. With the proof of embezzlement sent to Stern’s soon to be ex-wife Madeline, Stern loses Club Truth to her, and she immediately sells it back to Ghost. Stern is left with his tongue wagging and millions less in his bank account. A more fitting end couldn’t have been written for a man who made his fortune exploiting others.



The episode also highlighted by the permanent break between Tommy and Ghost. At the episode’s opening, Ghost had Tommy’s complete trust for getting him out of prison and a federal sentence. But as they conspired to eliminate Kanan, Tommy truly saw how deep Ghost’s rabbit hole went. Not only did he find out Ghost truly did set up Kanan, but Holly reappears to disclose secret plan to send her away.

They both realize their lies were to save what matters most of them. For Ghost, that’s leaving the street life behind and going legit. For Tommy, it’s continuing to be the biggest dealer in town (“It’s the only thing I’ve ever been good at.”). They’re going in different directions, and a tense, gun-pointing standoff is ended with Tommy walking away and vowing to have nothing further to do with his former best friend.

Lobos might have something to say about that.


“Ghost Loose End #1” is Lobos, who survived the prison assassin sent by Ghost. Lobos saw through the “La Armana” card ruse (meant to identify the Jimenez cartel) and concluded it was Ghost. His revenge is to flip Tommy into his sole distributor. Tommy doesn’t have a say in the matter, as Lobos makes it abundantly clear that that a refusal means his death and that of his loved ones (mother, Holly).

Up until now, Tommy has not had to wear the crown and the endure the pressure that comes with it. We’ll see how he handles being under the thumb of an erratic, murderous supplies, having to set up an entire new drug network, and also handling the killing of his former best friend. Be careful what you wish for, Tommy.



Exit Angela the FBI Agent. Enter Angela the Queenpin. Angela has finally reached the point of no return emotionally and professionally. After breaking it off with Ghost for the 1000th time, she has an epiphany at her disciplinary hearing when she’s cleared of all charges. Once again, she sees Ghost is out to protect her at all costs — the illegality of the sketch supplied by Isabel Ruiz can’t be verified since Ghost convinces the entire Ruiz family to hide out in California to avoid “Lobos’ wrath.”

As discussed in the episode nine recap, Angie and Ghost are just alike. They are ruthless and psychopathic in their ambition to get to the top at all costs. Everyone is expendable — just ask Angie’s colleague (and former lover) Greg, who gets double-crossed into the target of a sexual harassment investigation. With the respect of her colleagues gone, Angie only has Ghost and the dream he continues selling her of a “happily ever after” conclusion.

Power_Kanan_death_escapeKANAN’S FAILURE 

“Ghost’s Loose End #2.” Kanan’s plot to overthrow Ghost literally goes up flames. He foolishly alienated his only remaining ally in Dre, who knows if Kanan would kill his own son, his evil has no limit. He switches sides to Ghost and help set up an ambush pitting Kanan and Ghost together for a one on one showdown. Following some intense fighting, Ghost stabs Kanan, drenches him in gasoline, and sets the basement ablaze.

This is where things get interesting. We last see Kanan with the flames surrounding his body. But the last scene of the episode shows fire investigators showing a pick lock, indicating that someone got out of the room. Suspending disbelief here is difficult for several reasons. One, Ghost is an efficient and experienced killer — you’d think he’d at least be sure Kanan wasn’t breathing before starting the fire.

Second, the idea of Kanan continuing his revenge quest will be a bit surreal considering how damaged he’ll be from the fire. With no muscle nor money, it’ll be hard for him to get a new crew together or remain hidden in the city while looking like Freddy Kruger.



Angie and Ghost are finally together, but that love will be tested on all fronts. Here’s just a few potential subplots.


ANGELA VS. TASHA: This has been building for 2 seasons. The two women have only been face to face once (and from a distance with no dialogue exchanged). Now that Tasha is convinced Ghost killed Shawn, she’ll seek to destroy her husband and everything he holds dear. The kids should come into play more with Ghost trying to move his domestic life over to Angie, which Tasha will fight vehemently. There is going to be some intense conversations between these two.


GREG THE SCORNED: Greg’s soft spot for Angie got him burned in the worst possible way. Likely out of a job, he’ll have nothing to lose spending every waking moment taking down Ghost and Angela. I expect him to do a lot of damage, but also have his obsession be his undoing.


DRE: Ghost will have to  heavilydepend on his new right-hand, but can he be trusted? Dre is a good goon, but he’s shown no problem jumping ship when things look dire. Ghost will undoubtedly be under pressure come season 3. Will Dre go running to Tommy or possibly even Kanan again? Dre mentioned being a father, so getting more backstory on him would be welcomed.


RUIZ: C’mon, how long is Ruiz really going to stay in Cali? His loyalty should be to Ghost, but Ruiz is another guy who lusts to be on top. Where will he place his chips when the streets start to get hot?


MIKE: Looks like we’ve found our “mole” in the Lobos investigation. Mike Sandoval, the head of the investigation, gives the recovering Lobos a burner to make his “one call,” which indicates to me he’s on the take. He also refers to him as “Jefe” (boss). It’s too early to tell where this going, but it’s another threat to Angie and Ghost’s hope of peace.

How did you enjoy the finale? Sound off in the comments!