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[Video] Power: Ghost Ep. 303 Recap: Cane’s Leadership Struggles, Tariq-Effie Star Crossed, Diana a Secret Weapon?

In episode 303 "Human Capital" of Power: Ghost, Cane Tejada learns the nuances of leadership...

Be careful what you wish for. In episode 303 “Human Capital” of Power: Ghost, Cane Tejada learns the nuances of leadership go beyond the sheer use of force. Our latest recap covers the following hot-button topics:

  • Why Lorenzo is smiling despite his new predicament under Cane
  • The new character RSJ and what he means for Tariq
  • Monet vs. Whitman
  • Why Diana should inherit the Tejada crown over Dru and Cane
  • Why Tariq’s mention of the movie Thomasine and Bushrod is ominous for him and Effie

Much more is covered below. Make sure to like and subscribe to the BeatsBoxingMayhem YouTube page for reviews every Friday night immediately following new episodes.

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