Organized Crime

Author Alan Geik on Growing Up with Murder Inc. Alum, Jewish Mob in Book ‘Uncle Charlie Killed Dutch Schultz’

Alan Geik discusses his family's decades of Jewish Mob history.

Not many can say their families were audience to labor racketeers, illegal casino operators and infamous Murder Inc. assassins that shaped the history of 20th century organized crime.

Author Alan Geik’s family tree holds this almost folkloric American history and is the basis for his new memoir Uncle Charlie Killed Dutch Schultz. Through his memories, we learn about the later lives of Murder Inc. figures like Charles Workman and Samuel “Red” Levine, his “Uncle George” Gordon who remained a powerful but out of the limelight Mob figure throughout his life, and how these men’s stories intertwined with pivotal historic moments like the creation of Israel and the Cuban Revolution.

Geik sat down with me for this candid discussion on his book and life growing up surrounded by Jewish crime figures. Among the topics covered include:

  • His uncle George’s memories of meeting Arnold Rothstein
  • Meeting Meyer Lansky and the man’s relationship with Las Vegas mogul and Cleveland Syndicate figure Moe Dalitz
  • Samuel “Red” Levine life and personality in his latter years
  • Supporting Charlie Workman’s family during his prison stint for killing Dutch Schultz and life after release
  • Jewish gangsters fighting Nazis

Uncle Charlie Killed Dutch Schultz is available now on all book-selling platforms.

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