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[Video] Power Book II S3.E2 Recap: Cane Calls Checkmate! Brayden and Effie’s Growing Secrets, Monet’s RICO

The explosive end of episode two of Power: Ghost season 3 finds Lorenzo’s huge secret exposed by his own son Cane. The tables have turned with Cane having all the family leverage to officially take over the Tejada family. We discuss all the potential fallouts from this and the following:

  • Tariq’s eventual discovery of the betrayals from his “family” Brayden and Effie
  • Diana’s struggles adjusting to life as a poor college student
  • Monet’s potential downfall as a RICO target
  • How Saxe could end up being Lauren’s lifeline.

All that more in our deep-dove breakdown. Be sure to check weekly after midnight for recaps throughout season 3.

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