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Trainer ‘Breadman’ Edwards on Why Fighters Hate Caleb Plant: “They don’t like a white guy coming in…”

"It's the fight business so it don't really matter why you don't like a guy because you can fight him legally"

For the third consecutive fight, Caleb Plant has drawn the intense ire of an opponent. Ahead of his showdown with David Benavidez on March 25, Plant’s trainer Stephen “Breadman” Edwards has determined jealously and Plant’s race are the reasons for the animosity displayed by Benavidez and from previously opponent Anthony Dirrell.

Edwards, whose first bout training Plant lead to the 2022 KO of the Year over Dirrell, believes the anger in press conferences from Dirrell and now Benavidez comes from Plant’s lucrative 2021 pay-per-view against Canelo and continued opportunities in the title picture. The Canelo buildup also featured bad blood with shoves and punches flying at their opening press conference.

“I think it’s a little bit of jealously,” Edwards told BeatsBoxingMayhem. “Nobody can say this but this a minority dominated sport so a lot of guys don’t like a white guy coming in [and] doing things. They can’t really say that but I think that has a lot to do with it.”

Benavidez has promised to leave Plant “bleeding” on the canvas as payback for past media slights accusing the Mexican star of ducking. While Edwards is no stranger to vitriolic buildups, he sees Benavidez’s disdain and vows of a knockout working against him in the ring.

“It’s the fight business so it don’t really matter why you don’t like a guy because you can fight him legally,” mused Edwards. “When guys have that anger towards somebody it’s like throwing hot coals — you burn yourself when you try to throw them. I don’t get into who likes who because at the end of the day it’s a fight.”

From his perspective, Plant maintains the rivalry with Benavidez isn’t personal and simply the result of both believing they’re the best fighter in the super middleweight division.

“We’re both at the top of the division. This rivalry only started because we agree to disagree on who’s better,” said Plant. “And that’s fine, he should feel like that. That’s how great fighters are supposed to feel. It’s slowly built up over time.

“I’m coming. We’re prepared. I’ve been at this level before and I know what it takes. From now until March 25 it’s just about who can train the hardest and keep their foot on the gas.”

And it’s the training ethic that Edwards feels will tip the scales in Plant’s favor come March 25. Even with the millions Plant earned from the Canelo fight, Edwards is adamant his fighter still has the drive needed to hand Benavidez his first defeat.

“For someone who had just made $10 million dollars, he trained just as hard as anyone I’ve seen,” Edwards declared. “He spends money on every resource he can to get his body right. That’s the best part of working with him — he leaves no stone unturned. He’s out there four times a week doing strength and conditioning. He’s in the gym every day Monday-Saturday [and] never missed a day even when he had a baby. He trains like a poor fighter and that’s really rare.”

Benavidez vs. Plant will air on Showtime pay-per-view.

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