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[Video] Mila Davis-Kent on Playing Michael B. Jordan’s Fearless Deaf Daughter in ‘Creed III’

Meet Mila Davis-Kent, the young star of Creed 3 who'll steal your heart.

One year into her career, young Mila Davis-Kent has already secured her breakout role. Starring as Amara Creed, the deaf daughter of Michael B. Jordan’s Adonis Creed in Creed III (March 3), Davis-Kent is relishing the opportunity to bring her real-life experience as a American Sign Language (ASL) practitioner to an international audience.

In the film, Davis-Kent’s character is subject to bullying attempts from classmates. Mirroring her father’s journey over the previous Creed installments, Amara learns the value of restraint and healthy conflict resolution. The young star is hopeful she can continue the conversation for her peers on handling bullying by utilizing family members and engaged teachers.

“Well for sure if someone were bullying me I’d keep calm and tell them to stop,” Davis-Kent told BeatsBoxingMayhem in ASL at the Atlanta Creed III premiere. “I would definitely reach out to an adult and make sure they handle it for me.”

The film spends significant time showcasing the strong father/daughter bond between Amara and father Adonis Creed. Doing so allowed Davis-Kent to showcase her role’s headstrong nature and “Girl Dad” sway over Michael B. Jordan’s character. When asked if Amara is truly the one who “runs” the Creed household, she flashed a big smile before admitting there’s truth to that inquiry.

“Well, maybe, maybe. So my character Amara is a little bossy and she runs things,” Davis-Kent concedes. “But she definitely follows her parent’s rules, yes.”

Earlier this month, Jordan revealed to several outlets he’s looking to expand the Creed franchise beyond his title character. With the franchise’s roots being its family legacy attachment from the Rocky franchise’s Apollo Creed, it’s logical to surmise a potential fourth Creed film could be centered on Amara.

“Hopefully! Fingers crossed,” said Davis-Kent.

Creed III is in theaters this Friday, March 3.

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