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[Interview] Lauren LaVera on Sienna Role in ‘Terrifer 2,’ If Art Got Off Easy and Her Dream Superhero Role

"There definitely should be more told about Sienna -- her past and her future."

With a Top 10 box office debut, Terrifier 2 has been the surprise indie horror hit of 2022. Although the franchise’s killer, Art the Clown, continues to have a cult following, much of the sequel’s appeal can be credited to Lauren LaVera, who plays the heroic final girl Sienna Shaw.

Since the film’s October release, fans have flooded social media with their love of Sienna via cosplay outfits and hopes for ensuing the sequels focused on the character’s supernatural powers. In this exclusive interview with BeatsBoxingMayhem, LaVera sits down with us to discuss how she brought Sienna to life, misogyny claims against the Terrifier franchise, her dream superhero role, and if Art got off easy.

Terrifier 2 is available to stream exclusively on Screambox.

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