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House of the Dragon S1.E8 Recap: Vaemond’s Epic Rant, Alicent’s Phoney Piousness, Aemond vs. Daemon?!

Mind your tongue or risk losing your head (or maybe just half of it). In my recap for House of the Dragon’s “The Lord of the Tides” episode, I discuss Vaemond’s memorable (and brief) rant, what Rhaney’s showed about playing the game smartly, and how religion may make Alicent a even more dangerous adversary.

Other topics include Daemon’s defense of Rhaenyra and making amends with Viserys, and why Jace and Lucerys have much to fear from Aemond.

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  1. I don’t know if we’re to interpret Alicent is so crazy she really believed the King now wanted their son to have the throne, or she is simply using his delirious condition to justify the fact she already decided she’s going to work that angle, or just how we’re supposed to think what her mindset was after the King’s deathbed utterance…but there should be a ton of action in these last couple of episodes. Should be wild.

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