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[Video] Westworld S4.E8 Finale: Dolores’ Final Loop, Charlotte’s Acceptance, and The Sublime’s Future

Westworld season 4 has ended with one final fidelity test (or has it?).

Westworld season 4 has ended with one final fidelity test (or has it?). My recap of episode 8 “Que Sera Sera” covers all bases on the fates of our favorite characters and what lies ahead if there’s a season 5. Topics include:

  • Charlotte’s “redemption”
  • Clementine show-stealing scene
  • Is Dolores’ arc over?
  • William’s miscalculation
  • Caleb’s final goodbye and what it means for the Outliers

Thanks for staying with us during the entire season! Be sure to stay tuned as we begin weekly coverage of House of the Dragon starting August 21.


  1. I have to assume a Season 5 is just a formality to announce. I felt the last episode was a hot mess. I still enjoyed this season more than Seasons 2 and 3, but was hoping they’d not spin out of control again, and the finale was a letdown. Have enjoyed your reviews!

    1. Thanks for sticking with me throughout the season! Reflecting more I think not having Maeve or Bernard in sigificant roles for the finale really hurt it. Not to mention, everyone else’s storylines were more interesting than Dolores’. I know one thing, season 5 better not be Dolores talking to herself again LOL

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