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[Video] Westworld S4.E2 “Well Enough Alone” Recap: Charlotte’s New World Order and William’s True Fate

Our full review of episode 2 and Charlotte's plan for world domination.

Ed Harris as The Man in Black

Charlotte Hale has finally made her season four appearance and it did not disappoint. In our deep dive recap, we review the following new storylines and potential theories on several jaw-dropping revelations:

  • The specifics of Charlotte Hale’s “New World Order” plan and making human beings “livestock.”
  • The reveal of the human William still being alive. Will this be Charlotte’s fatal mistake?
  • The new Prohibition/ Golden Age era world discovered by Caleb and Maeve
  • Is Maeve getting weaker and in real danger against Charlotte?
  • The return of Clementine Pennyfeather
  • The Tower of Sound and what is means for Dolores
  • Who are Dolores’s true enemies and allies?

Listen below and tune in every Sunday at 10 p.m. ET for new episodic reviews for the entire season.

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