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[Video] Big Boss Vette Gets “Heavy” on Defiant New Single

Big Boss Yvette is taking on all comers in 2022

After tallying up million streams independently with viral TikTok songs like “Outside,” Big Boss Vette is now ready to make 2022 her mainstream breakout year.

The St. Louis native’s first offering of the year is the fiery “Heavy,” where she defiantly recounts overcoming losses like losing family members and being shot to silencing naysayers and inking a six-figure deal.

Signed a six-figure deal, got ’em upset

Got ’em taking all these rappers like you up next

A young bitch made it out that’s a big flex

Big house, big bank ain’t no little shit

If this feels more like an appetizer, your intuition is right as Vette is looking to serve up more music soon. Keep up with her grind on her following social media handles.

Twitter: @bigbossvette

Instagram: @bigbossvette

Facebook: Diamond Smith

Soundcloud: Yvette

TikTok: @bigbossvette

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