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Che Noir Announces Sophomore LP ‘Food for Thought,’ Drops New Single w/ ft. Ransom and 38 Spesh

Che Noir is in album mode with hre new single "Table for 3."

Che Noir is starting off 2022 with lyrical fury. The Buffalo-bred emcee/ producer linked up with regular collaborators Ransom and 38 Spesh for “Table for 3,” the first single off her forthcoming sophomore project Food for Thought.

“Table for 3” is a somber offering with Che rhyming about forging her own path through desolate surroundings and those without the foresight to comprehend her vision:

They ask about me

They gon’ say I’m the realest

Paint my life on the canvas

Now they say in the villain

Ransom builds of these themes but with a focus how societal falsehoods can lead to a destructive end (“Don’t chase the American and get put to sleep by the Devil’s lullabies…”). 38 Spesh takes a more direct approach by reflecting on how he survived the street life (“Documentaries like Big Meech’s/ My Netflix series would need six seasons for legit reasons…”).

Food for Thought will be available on all streaming platforms January 21.

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